2015 January sunset

The first is out the front and the second out the back of the manse

Jan 2015 - Snow!

Because this area is so close to the sea and the climate is so strongly influenced by the Gulf Stream there seldom is snow ... but on the morning of the 17th this is how the Acharacle church and chalet looked - stunning!

The photo below was taken looking out of the manse window at 11.30am on 4th December 2012.

God created the dry ground land and the gathered waters he called seas - and God saw that it was good.
(Fron Gen 1:10 - and I know it's not the sea but where the loch and river join, but it's close enough. Can't get rid of the phone wire across the middle,sorry)

More photos

Below are some photos taken by our web-site designer, Calum Ogg. His site address is I confess that I have an interest in promoting his work as he is our son, and will be choosing our retirement home! The castle is Castle Tioram and the view over L Shiel from the hill behind Acharacle.