Pentecost again.

Some Sunday school type activities.

Sunday School at home 31stMay – Pentecost (Acts 2:1 - 21)

You could start by watching and dancing along to this!

To Start

What are the best things about birthdays? You could draw some pictures of peoples favourite parts of birthdays (might be cake, presents, playing games with friends…)

Today it is a bit like the birthday of the Church! In todays story we will hear a bit about what happened after Jesus went back to heaven and more people started to follow him. Maybe one of your favourite parts of birthdays is presents – its fun to get presents and to choose something our friends will like. We are remembering a present that God gave us a LOOONNNG time ago.  



What was the present? It wasn’t like a normal present that we might give someone on their birthday! 

If you think they will remember then you could talk about the invisible friend from 2 weeks ago – this fire and the feeling in their hearts is a symbol of the friend being with them to help them. 

What did the present help them do?

It helped them to know who they are – God’s children, and to talk to other people about who God was and that he loved them.

Have you ever seen anyone with fire on their head? Do you think you know any people who have God’s present in their hearts? 

You could talk about how people today still have this present to help them – and it is for them too! Even if we have never had fire on our heads!


If you have a printer there are some things to do below

If not

Use colourful paper or draw a flame and make a headband so you can have your own symbol of fire over your heads – like in the picture below



You could spend some time praying together – if you are feeling brave (or have a battery candle) you could use this to help you focus. You could light the candle and put it on a table and get everyone to look at the candle while you pray – or take it in turns to pray. 


Hi all,

Messy Bags are available from the gate at the manse and will be delivered to Kilchoan later today (2nd June) or tomorrow.  Here are a couple of photos to stimulate interest!


Sunday, 3rd May, 2020. Parable of the Good Shepherd

Here's a yummy activity for families!  From Spill the Beans Resources.

Wednesday 29th April, 2020 - Messy Bags

Messy Bags at the manse gate have a theme of The Lost Sheep.  

There's the story and some activities to do - including a sheep that you can make, then hide and ask someone in the family to find.  Or, how about a pom-pom sheep with some wool.  Here's a photo sent in by one family.  And the second photo is of a marble run maze to help think about taking wrong turns but finally getting to our destination.


God will always be looking for us and by our side on our way through life.  May you always know you are not alone but that, even when you feel very lost, God is with you helping you through the tough times, rejoicing in the good times, and encouraging you to live life with hope and love in your heart.

Sunday 26th April - Who are our travelling companions?

Today's reflection is about people journeying through life and asks questions about how we pass on to others the beliefs and faith that we have.

Part of the account tells of a mysterious travelling companion who kept his identity hidden until after tea time.

When did you last play at dressing up? Perhaps you and your family might like to dress up as someone well known and ask the rest of you to guess who you are?

Charades is a good guessing game. You could try acting out the way your morning goes - eg getting up, having breakfast, cleaning your teeth and, usually, walking to school. 

Remember, you. are not allowed to speak or make noises, only act!

Or, how about putting down some big pieces of paper, painting your feet and leaving messy footprints all over the paper. Perhaps this should be done outside!!

Have fun thinking about hidden identities and the marks of those who travel through life with us.

God bless!