Time To Remember

Yesterday, December 13th, there was a short service held at the Ardnamurchan Parish Church at Kilchoan. Time to Remember was time out for all who had been bereaved, particularly during the last year, and find this time of year difficult. 

We sat in peace, prayed, listened to words and music and gave ourselves time to tell God or our pain and hurt, to remember the pain and hurt that Jesus and He must have felt when they were rejected. We left the building having shared tears and memories and having found comfort in knowing that we are not alone.

Below is a photos of some of the candles that had been lit during the service. Each candle represented a loved one and each was lit the darkness became less.

May all who are grieving find comfort in knowing that God and Jesus share our tears and pain. But because Jesus came to show us God’s love and to release us from the ties of sin and grief, we are free to celebrate and to join in the festivities surrounding the remembrance of Jesus birth.

Coffee Morning

In late September there was a coffee morning held at the Community Centre. Funds were being raised for the church. We need to heat the building for worship and we desperately need to have some work done on the west wall, in particular, to stop the wind and rain getting in. Despite the lower than usual numbers coming along to the Community Centre, it was a school holiday so many folk were away, there was still a total of over £300 raised!! Well done to those who organised the event.

Jesus And The Children

These are self portraits of the children surrounded by a ribbon representing the hug of love with which Jesus surrounds each and every child, ever!

The children enjoyed drawing these and having them displayed for all to see - right at the front of the church.

Malcolm Macmillan

Sadly Malcolm MacMillan died on the 12th of this month.  His funeral was on the 18th October 2012.  

Malcolm will be sorely missed as he was always around the village. He was born and educated locally, lived here all his life and loved the area so much. He was part of the fabric of the place. His interests were many and varied, particularly in local history and Gaelic language, culture and music - the photograph on the order of service was of Malcolm obviously enjoying himself with a huge smile and laugh on his face.  

The church was packed and most family and friends went along to the cemetery too. The sun shone and there was a gentle breeze as Malcolm was laid to rest there, overlooking the Sound of Mull. Laid to rest in home territory - very fitting.


Today there was an interment at the cemetery. The ladys family was from Kilchoan and despite living away from the village for many years her heart and roots remained here. It was so fitting that she has been laid to rest in the cemetery at Kilchoan with her wider family and her friends. And it is in a lovely cemetery; on a spot just outside the village and sheltered by a hedge to protect it from the worst of the elements. May she rest in peace and her family find comfort knowing her body is back here and her soul at peace with God.

Coffee Morning

Monday 24th - There will be a Coffee Morning with Sales Table at the Community Centre at Kilchoan.  Contributions of home-bakes will be welcome as will be people to buy the 'take-away' produce.  All welcome!  


Jesus And The Children

At Kilchoan today the children drew self portraits which we stuck onto the front of the communion table and surrounded with a ribbon - the love of Jesus for children surrounding them and being displayed to all by being at the front on the church. Lovely pictures, should have taken my camera and posted a pic.


I've now recovered enough to tell you about Sunday at the Sanna Mission Hall. There were 36 folk crammed into the Hut and we sang our socks off - it was great! We even sang 'Will your anchor hold' which was entirely appropriate as the rain lashed against the Hut and the wind tried it's best to blow us into the sea! We all survived and then most folk took up an offer of tea and cakes nearby - what an afternoon! Thank you to all who made it such a memorable event.

I though I had some photos of Sanna that I could add but I haven't - hmm must take some next time I'm there.