Breakfast Gathering

A merry band gathered an hour before worship to share breakfast - it was lovely! All there really enjoyed sharing and, or course, eating. We must do it again was the consensus!

Pictures show the laden table - quite appropriate really as most of the goodies here were bread for sharing, laid out on the communion table, the main table set out before the breakfast, (toast, bread, bacon rolls, orange juice, coffee, tea ...), and the merry band ready to start. What a good morning!

Remembrance From Kilchoan

Yesterday afternoon the Primary School at Kilchoan held a Remembrance Tea to fundraise for the Poppy Appeal. This is a selection of the art work that was on the walls and the poppies laid oolong the length of the table. Simply poignant.

The large poppies pictured on the site home page have been moved to Ardnamurchan Parish Church and draped over the communion table ready to remind us of how Remembrance is something for all generations.

Harvest In The Kilchoan Community Centre

A fun afternoon - worship, friends, good company, oh and teas and cakes.

The kids sang the song 'Pain Box', made balls and all there added to donations for the local Food Bank. Donations were also given to UNICEF Jars of Grace which helps children in Africa, and other countries, who really are too poor to buy a football - so they make them. The kids yesterday made balls from bits and pieces of plastic and material.

Thank you to all who gave donations and time.


Work has started on the west wall and should be finished by Christmas, weather permitting. Hopefully, there will be photos soon. If you would like to make a contribution to the Restoration Fund then please be in touch, thank you.

Notice Board

On Sunday 15th September, at Ardnamurchan Parish Church, Kilchoan, the new notice board was dedicated. Due to the generosity of Mrs Grace Roberts, and in memory of her husband Nevill, the congregation are again able to let the community know of services and times of events taking place in the church building. Thank you Grace, God bless.

Harvest Thanksgiving

Coffee Morning Up-date

Wow - again the community has been overwhelmingly generous in their donations!
£1,000 was raised towards the restoration of the Church building. Thank you!

Coffee Morning!

There is to be a Coffee Morning at the Community Centre on Monday 19th. 10.30am. Please do come along and support this event - the monies raised will be added to the Restoration Fund. Thank you.

Lunch Group

On Thursday of this week, the 8th August, I went to the Kilchoan Hotel to join the Kilchoan Lunch Group. This group meets once a week, usually in the Community Centre - for lunch ... Occasionally, the group goes out to lunch and this week met at the Kilchoan Hotel. Fish and chips, scampi and chips, local venison burger and chips - oh, soup and ciabatta as alternatives - all very nicely served too. It was good to be somewhere different. The group was also celebrating, as they do, the birthday of one of the regular attenders. A treat - and why not. Jesus often ate with friends and enjoyed reasons to celebrate the joy of living - so, thank you all for sharing your time and friendship - here's to the next time.

Christian Aid Sponsored Walk

At the end of May the Ardnamurchan Sunday School held a sponsored walk on behalf of Christian Aid.  Over £400 was raised by about a dozen children (they never stay still long enough to be counted)!  Well done!  The pictures are of the picnic after the walk and of Bay McNeil where the walk took place.