The God Question

To quote the blurb on the DVD -

Atheists, agnostics and theists tend to agree: our existence is truly remarkable. But is that a consequence of being winners in a cosmic lottery or a creator's intention? That ultimately is 'The God Question' - addressed in this series by some of the world's foremost thinkers on the subject.

There are three parts to this little course and each should last two weeks - the Cosmos, Life and Evolution, and Mind and Consciousness. The DVD will be watched and then there will be discussion some of the points brought up. There are no conclusions, no right answers, just a willingness to explore 'The God Question'.

All are welcome to come along - it's not for those with or without faith - it's for all with curiosity.


After a poor summer the display was really wonderful - all there were delighted at the colour and variety of flowers arrayed around the sanctuary. There was a wonderful bread too - traditionally shaped into a wheat sheaf.

We wondered what produce of land, sea and sky was harvested around the world - and wrote on post-it notes an A - Z of produce. This is what is shown in the picture of the Communion Table - an abundance of post-it notes which reminded us of the abundance of God's giving to us! Donations were gathered for the local Foodbank and for UNICEF; our offerings to others (in a small way) to be part of the way God works through His people towards a harvest of equality for all.

2015 - May 28th - Beetle Drive

Wow - what an evening! Who knew that playing Beetle could be so competitive! Oh, that was me, and I apologise.

However, it was really interesting to see how much we congratulated each other and said well done when it was random chance that enabled success in the game - nothing to do with talent or hard word (mind you, the dice were shaken quite hard). Looking at the drawings of the beetles it was obvious that was where any talent lay. Some of the beetles looked like, well, I'm not quite sure what they looked like but perhaps they were drawings of a new species of insect. Other beetles were really identifiable and well drawn. Mostly it was the beetles drawn by the children that were best drawn and the adult's drawings showed a distinct lack of talent. It's well seen that in humanity there is huge scope for imagination and creation - thank God for that, and that in being created in His image we each have some of His creative talent within us - because the drawings would have been so much worse without that talent!

Donations to Christian Aid were just over £171 - thank you!

2015 May 10th

Farewell to Joan and Alan.

Since their arrival in the village about five years ago, Joan and Alan Macpherson have been part of the community. For the church family, their presence has enriched the music in particular. Joan's singing and Alan's playing of the organ have led the music with warmth and liveliness - they've never shied away from the challenge of a new song, or two!

The weekly summer coffees would not have started without their energy and enthusiasm.

Today, with an afternoon tea, we said farewell to Joan and Alan. They leave with a new picture for their wall and a donation towards their new garden - and they leave with our prayers that they will settle well in their new home. God bless.

Church Building challenge!

2014 Dec 14th - Church Family Breakfast And Worship.

Ardnamurchan Church Family Breakfast on Sunday past - bacon rolls, jam, toast, coffee, tea - friends and fellows all enjoying a fine time. More folks arrived for worship and the children from the local primary school, almost 100% of them, sang and gave the readings, Moira and Catriona read the Magnificat in a very unique way. Thank you too all involved, we were blessed with a memorable morning. God bless.

Harvest On September 21st 2014

We held a Harvest Thanksgiving in the Church. Various topics were included, e.g. the sign of a rainbow as we'd been thinking of God's promises and the rainbow is a sign that God makes and keeps His promises which includes rain and sun to grow the crops that sustain us and which we celebrate at Harvest. We used the rainbow prayer from Spill The Beans to make this rainbow appropriately displayed on the Communion Table in front of the congregation. We also thought about the work of a couple of charities that make sure those on the margins are not forgotten - Christian Aid and the Lochaber Foodbank.

Messy Church At The Community Centre, Sept 26th 2014


Distillery Opening, July 25th 2014


Some local folks meeting HRH Princess Anne at the opening of the Adelphi Distillery yesterday, 25th July.  

More pictures to follow.  Thanks to Jon Haylett for the photographs.

Wednesday Open Afternoons In The Church For The Restoration Fund, summer 2014

A great place for a chat - catching up with friends old and new! 

Visitors from as far away as Australia found friendship and fellowship whilst local estate workers surprised themselves by taking afternoon tea in a church!

Thank you Joan for the photo.