2016 - June - School Celebration Of Success.

The last couple of weeks have gone by in a blur and I can't honestly remember the date of the Kilchoan Primary School Celebration of Success. What I do know is that the children, staff, families all do a splendid job - there is such potential in the children there and the other schools that had Celebrations of Success over the last couple of weeks. Their achievements blow me away.


2016 - June - Christian Aid - £407!!

Recently, the Sunday School held a Beetle Drive. The children really love playing this and are quite competitive with many a dice (I know that's not correct grammatically, is it a ride?) being tossed so hard that it landed on the next table! Money was raised and more donated. This was for Christian Aid. There was a family breakfast and worship with more donations and also various other events. The Acharacle church family also joined in donating money. Finally, the grand total raised by Ardnamurchan congregation and the village of Kilchoan was £407!!!! Once again, thanks to the generosity of a tiny community a major charity is benefitting.

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2016 - May 15th

Christian Aid Sunday - and Pentecost

Yesterday at Ardnamurchan Parish Church there was a good gathering for the Big Brekkie to support Christian Aid, where we ate rolls and sausages, croissants and jam, banana muffins and drank teas, coffees and orange juice. A good way to start the day!

During worship, at both Parish Churches, we have been thinking about different characteristics of the Holy Spirit, how the Spirit comes from God and that seems to be a clue as to what God is like. Yesterday we were thinking about the 'Giving Spirt'; this linked in well with Christian Aid. We watched a presentation about the work of Christian Aid in Bangladesh and saw some of the positive changes previous donations have enabled to the lives of those who struggle to make a living in a difficult environment.

On Friday 27th of May, at 7pm, the Ardnamurchan Sunday School will be holding a Beetle Drive in Kilchoan Community Centre. Donations on that evening will also be for Christian Aid. After that we will know how much had been raised to support this charity and the amount will be published here.

Here's a link to Morsheda's story.

2016 - May 9th - The Vine Trust

Dr Buchanan and Rev Fiona gave a presentation about their volunteering trip on the Amazon River with The Vine Trust. The audience participated with many interesting questions - is there a regular route (yes) - what happens if the ship doesn't reach the places on the route (villagers have to simply wait until the ship can get there) - how often does the ship visit (roughly every four months) - how do the villagers sustain themselves (subsistence farming and a fish sold to local markets) - what were the biggest challenges (for the villagers it was accessing primary medical care, for us it was the ethical problems of what happens if patients can't be treated on board) - was it safe (yes)?

If you would like to know more about this charity please visit their web-site at http://www.vinetrust.org

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2016 March 24th - Headteacher's Retirement

Miss McLuckie retired after a good number of years at Kilchoan Primary School. This was her farewell from teaching and there was a lovely party to mark the occasion. Who knows how many children she has taught but she has done so with patience and a great sense of fun - and she'll be missed in school.



2016 - Sunday School Easter Coffee Morning Supporting The Charity Embrace The Middle East

Easter Monday at Kilchoan - the Ardnamurchan Parish Church Sunday School Coffee Morning raised over £300! The donations will mean that the annual donation to Embrace the Middle East is paid in full and the Sunday School will be continuing to support education of women and children across the Middle East. Thank you to all who gave of time, talent and or money. The donations will also pay for the hire of the Community Centre and the remainder will support the Sunday School.

2016 - April - Building News

There is an ongoing Feasibility Study about the future of the church building. As part of this process an application has been made to the Heritage Lottery Fund. This application is to enquire if the project at Kilchoan is something that the HLF might be interested in funding, or not. Whatever the result of this application it will into account in the Feasibility Study.

There are two main challenges in the immediate future - one is funding restoration and changes to the building and the other is to re-engage local people to use the building, for worship and as a venue for other activities (all ideas welcome). A long-term challenge will be maintaining the building and sustaining it's funding.

Whatever the outcome, this does not mean an end to church or ministry in the Parish - that will continue regardless even if the building were to longer be a venue for worship.

2016 Jan - Amazing Achievement - Let us Build a House

The small congregation of Ardnamurchan Parish Church, on the edge of the west coast, worked hard during December and raised over £500 towards the World Mission Council’s campaign ‘Let us Build a House’. This may not sound like anything remarkable but with a winter congregation of around a dozen lovely folk it’s a huge achievement.

The congregation struggles to keep a church roof over their heads but decided to put their own concerns aside to help those with no roof at all. In only one month they ran a series of Advent Coffee Mornings and donated the money given with that from the Christmas Eve service. With a population of less than 300, local folk joined in and also gave generously.

We pray that the homeless of Nepal will soon have roofs over their heads and we thank God that we are able to share our riches with others.

Getting ready for Christmas

What a great fun way to spend an afternoon! Thank you to Kilchoan Primary School! I'm looking forward to your Nativity on Friday 18th.

Moderator's Visit September 28th

Every ten years the Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland visits each Presbytery. This year it's the turn of this Presbytery, Lochaber.

On Monday 28th the Moderator, the Right Rev Dr Angus Morrison, will be visiting Ardnamurchan Parish Church from, roughly, 2-3pm. Members and adherents of the congregation have been invited along to an informal 'Meet and Greet' and we look forward his visit.