Jan 2021 - exciting news about a possible new church building

Update on the provision of a dedicated worship space in Kilchoan

The sale of the church building has been agreed by the General Trustees of the Church of Scotland and monies raised from that sale will, in the first instance, go towards ‘providing a Church of Scotland presence’ in West Ardnamurchan.

In spite of the restrictions caused by the Corona virus, the working group have been able to pursue the proposal of a building which would be within budget and, at the same time, meet the requirements of a worshipping community.

It is proposed that the building should be on the ground beside the Kilchoan manse and the area of land is being made ready while we are waiting for planning permission to be given.

It is a simple building which will accommodate up to 30 people.

As can be seen from the plan, there is a large kitchen (4.6 x 3 m) to allow for catering and the fellowship which accompanies ministry and mission.

Accessible toilets and an area which can be used for worship and meetings.


Local groups and other denominations have been informed of the proposed development in the hope that they too will use the building.

If you think your community group would be able to use this space, please let us know so that we can take your requirements into consideration at this planning stage.

Even while we are waiting for the plans to be considered, you will see activity on the site as we get ready for this exciting new project.

Regular updates about the sale of the building as well as the preparation for the new building will be posted on Facebook.

Please keep us in your thoughts and let us know what you think of our plans as we move forward into 2021.

This project depends on us having the funds available.

We are very grateful to all who have helped by contributing to our vision or restoring a worship centre in West Ardnamurchan.

 Some funds have already been accumulated from the tea and scone days which were held before ‘lock down’. Some funds have been donated and some will come from the sale of the existing church building.

If you wish to help;

Contributions can be made in the Kilchoan shop and also directly into the church bank account;

Ardnamurchan Parish Church Fabric Fund

Sort code 80-06-84

Account number 00112329

Charity reference SC03094

2020 Dec 5th - church building news

The church building is for sale.  It's the end of an era and sad news. 

The walls of the church building have absorbed the hopes and dreams, the prayers, tears of joy and sorrow of generations.  When any church building closes there is a sense of loss and bereavement in the community.  In small communities like Kilchoan, the loss is greater than stones and mortar - it is symbolic of a past that is quite different to the present.  

There are memories of meeting friends and having a social life revolving around the congregation, all under the one roof.  Now, social life and interaction have moved outside the building.  Despite initiatives to encourage the community back into the church building eg the warm welcome given to Afternoon Scones and Advent Teas, the building is  no longer the focus of community events.  

The congregation has held to the familiar patterns of worship, finding comfort and joy in doing so.  Maintaining the fabric of the church building, however, has proved to be too big a task and so the congregation reluctantly asked for it to be sold by the General Trustees of the Church of Scotland. 

The good news is that when the sale goes through, there will be funds enough to build a small hall church beside the manse / meeting room.  This will be a warm, wind- and water-tight building that can be used for worship and open to the other local Christian denominations.  Community use will be encouraged.  Maintenance will be easier too.  And so much more - what potential!

There is a story in the Bible of an old tree being but down but out of the root stump new life appears.  Perhaps this is what has happened at Kilchoan and perhaps next year will be a turning point for the Christian community of church in the area.  Perhaps this is how we see God working through difficult circumstances.  

Perhaps people might stop and wonder where the congregation finds the energy and encouragement?  It is in the certain knowledge that faith in God is as relevant today as it ever was.  Where does a concern others come from, where does good come from, what about the spiritual welfare of others come from - it is all rooted in something way beyond our understanding - it's from God.  

What happens when people turn away from all that is good and true - well, look around and register the greed, injustice and violence around the world and know that is not how it's meant to be - not how God meant it to be.  Then give thanks for the small communities who believe there is more to life than that - the communities that have energy and encouragement to live in love and hope that is God-given!

The congregation at Kilchoan are determined to have a base for spreading this good news - the new build will be that base and a symbol to the community that God doesn't give up.  No matter where you are, there will always be the hope of a shoot of new life springing up, despite the odds and reminding us all of the strength of God's love breaking through.

God bless!

2019 Dec 8th - Sunday

Breakfast fun at Kilchoan Hotel this morning. Advent candles lit and Christmas trees made, story told, a short reflection, a prayer and a fab breakfast. Thanks to Ross and his colleagues for being splendid hosts.


Today was the fist Sunday of Advent and we lit the first candle on the wreath.

2019 July 30th

One of the great privileges of ministry is being invited to be part of the celebrations surrounding life's makers.

Last evening was the birthday celebration of a local gentleman - he is now 100! He still takes an active interest in what foes on in the world, as well as locally. He lives independently and gets out and about to do his shopping etc. he has been involved in making DVDs and videos and his cake was made in recognition of this. God bless and Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!Cake

2019 May 14th

This is the scene in front of the church building at Kilchoan - how wonderful!  In creation there is scope for all sorts of different flowers, each adapted to their own habitat - and bluebells just love the habitat there under the trees. 

2018 Dec 24th - Christmas Eve reflection

The Tea Room at the Community Centre was full for 4pm Christmas Eve worship.  It was lovely to welcome so may visitors!  And the singing was great - thanks to a couple of folk who can sing descants.

At the Distillery on the 12th there was a wonderful gathering with 43 people squeezed into the upstairs rooms.  We sang carols, heard the story and enjoyed teas, coffees, hot chocolate, mince pies and biscuits. 

On the 9th of December there was Breakfast at the Kilchoan Hotel when we had food, activities and fun.  Thank you to those who helped with the Christmas Bingo - we got it right this time!

What does 2019 bring - who knows but it has been lovely, and right, to enjoy the Christmas season remembering that God is the source of the love, joy, peace and hope that we share.

2018 Dec 9th - Sunday

Breakfast at the Kilchoan Hotel
Wow - just under 40 people came for breakfast.  The Shark song will never be the same again!
Photos to follow.

2018 Nov 11th Sunday

At Kilchoan yesterday wreaths for Remembrance were placed on a bench at the War Memorial and will soon be moved to the War Memorial.
Those involved in preparing the bench, placing the wreaths and making sure worship went well include John, May, Bridget, another John, Alistair, Geoff, another May and many more.

2018 Sept 16th - Sunday

A congregation of a dozen sang from the psalms with John Shields , who beautifully described history from a selection contained in the order of service. Thanks to Eilidh Canning for the photograph and most of the words.