2014 - Jan 9th - Kirk Session Minutes

Ardnamurchan Parish Church

Minutes of Kirk Session Meeting 9th January 2014

The meeting was held in Kilchoan Primary School and was constituted with prayer and scripture.

2013 - November 4th - Kirk Session Minutes

November Kirk Session minutes - it was decided at this meeting that minutes would be displayed on the site and available in the church. The Session hopes this will develop more awareness of and openness about the management and decision making by this church court for the benefit of the congregation and the building.

Ardnamurchan Parish Church

Minutes of Kirk Session Meeting 4th November 2013

AOB: a) General Assembly: The Presbytery elder is invited to go to the General Assembly in May. If the Presbytery elder is unable to go, someone else can go instead.

b) Cosy Cafe: it is proposed to set up a Cosy Cafe for High School children. It is hoped that this can be set up in the new year. It was also suggested that there be an informal family service from time to time.

c) Dates: The Harvest Service took place in the Community Centre on Sunday 27th October. £215.09 was raised for Unicef from Jars of Grace. A discussion took place regarding the venue for Harvest Service. Some members of the congregation have intimated that they would prefer to have the service in the church. This will be discussed at a later date. In the meantime, the Community Centre has been provisionally booked for 14th September 2014.

d) Correspondence: an email had been received questioning the decision, minuted in Sept, to start restoration of the building. Noted.

e) Minutes: it was proposed that next year minutes would be numbered and bound in a new minute book.

Elders’ Day was held at the chalet, Acharacle, on Monday 16th September 2013.

It is proposed to have a Time to Remember service at the joint lunch club in Acharacle on 11th December.

The Glenborrodale carol service will take place on 12th December.

The next meeting will take place in Kilchoan Primary School on Thursday 5th December 2013 at 4pm.

The meeting closed with the Grace.