2016 Feb 28th

Ardnamurchan Parish Church

Minutes of Kirk Session meeting 28th February 2016

Ardnamurchan Kirk Session met in Kilchoan Primary School on 28th February. The meeting was constituted with prayer and scripture by Rev Fiona Ogg.

In attendance:- Rev Fiona Ogg, Bridget Cameron (Session Clerk), Eilidh Canning, Val Phillipps, Moira Fisher, Joan Kelly (Treasurer), Richard Houston (Property Convenor) and Hugh Cameron.

Apologies:- Jim Angus and Will Kelly

The minutes of the meeting of 12th November were approved.

Matters Arising

West Ardnamurchan Community Development Plan

Dale Meegan was invited to tell the Kirk Session about the Community Development Plan. She gave an interesting and informative talk.


It was proposed that a family service take place after the Easter holiday. It was felt that children could be more involved in regular worship.

Sunday School:

Four children attend regularly. The Sunday School are holding a coffee morning on Easter Monday. The proceeds will go to the school in Beirut. which the children support.



Attestation of Records:


The Treasurer reported that the accounts are ready for presentation at the Stated Annual Meeting and details of office bearers were updated. Insurance was able to be paid from the General Fund. There is £52,244.37 in the Restoration Fabric Fund and £12,171.64 in the General Fund.



a. Fiona speak to R Taylor about concerns.

b. R Taylor be asked about experience of other similar bids.

c. Kirk Session waits for John Strachan’s report.


DONM 18th April at 7.30pm in the church.

The meeting closed with the Grace.


View the 2015 accounts here

2015 - Nov 12th

Ardnamurchan Parish Church

Minutes of Kirk Session meeting 12th November 2015

Ardnamurchan Kirk Session met in the church on 12th November. The meeting was constituted with prayer and scripture by Rev Fiona Ogg.

In attendance: - Rev Fiona Ogg, Bridget Cameron (Session Clerk), Val Phillipps, Moira Fisher, Joan Kelly (Treasurer), Richard Houston (Property Convenor) and Hugh Cameron.

Apologies: - Eilidh Canning, Jim Angus and Will Kelly.

The minutes of the meeting of 10th September were approved.

Matters Arising

Finance: The treasurer reported that there is £15,363.17 in the general account. The restoration/fabric account has £49,313.29 and the Sunday school account has £640.89. Gift aid has been claimed and received. See treasurer’s report for detail.



Cooperation with other churches: Church of Scotland worked very successfully with the Free Church in delivering the God Question sessions. It is hoped to run a new series of meetings entitled Christianity Explained in 2016.

Summer holiday club: A summer holiday club has been proposed by the Free Church in conjunction with the Church of Scotland.

Local Church Review: The Local Church Review will take place in 2016.

Conferences and training

Learning disability advisor: noted.

Pilgrim route: The Session discussed the possibility of linking with an existing pilgrim route.

Mince pies and teas: in the church 10.30am-12.30pm on Wednesdays 2nd, 9th, 16th & 23rd December

Worship and Dates: Carols at the Castle 9th December 6pm

Time to Remember service, Acharacle 11th December

Peninsula Carol Service 13th December

Christmas breakfast in the church 13th December at 11am

Kilchoan Primary School nativity 18th December

Christmas Eve service in the church at 4pm on 24th December

Carol Service 27th December

Mike Whitton has offered to play at our services above, if needed. Thanks go to Mike for his kind offer.

DONM 28th February 2016

The meeting closed with the Grace.

2015 - Sept 10th

Ardnamurchan Parish Church

Minutes of Kirk Session meeting10th September 2015

Ardnamurchan Kirk Session met in the church on 10th September 2015. The meeting was constituted with prayer and scripture by Rev Fiona Ogg.

In attendance: - Rev Fiona Ogg, Bridget Cameron (Session Clerk), Val Phillipps, Moira Fisher, Joan Kelly(Treasurer), Richard Houston (Property Convenor) and Hugh Cameron.

Apologies: - Eilidh Canning, Jim Angus and Will Kelly.

The minutes of the Kirk Session meeting of 25th June 2015 were approved.

Matters Arising

Presbytery Report: Bridget Cameron gave the Session an account of the work of Presbytery. Safeguarding for Sunday School is to be updated. There will be a property review in 2016.

Finance: The Treasurer presented the accounts as at 31st August 2015. £129.00 was raised for Unicef Jars of Grace and £1,231.25, including gift aid, was raised at tea and scones over the summer. There is £14,753.28 in the General Account and £47,913.80 in the Restoration/Fabric account. £2,165.23 was paid for insurance out of the Restoration/Fabric account.

Presbytery Dues: Bridget reported that there is to be a 6% increase in Presbytery dues.

Worship: It was agreed that Fiona would take the service at Kilchoan on every second Sunday when the summer preachers are here.

Messy Church: The next Messy Church is to take place on the first Friday in October.

Organist: Grace was thanked for playing the organ during the summer.

Dates: The next Kirk Session meeting will take place on 12th November 2015. It was suggested that some meetings could take place in the evening to allow those who are at work during the day to attend.

Service of Remembrance – 8th November at 11am Bridget to speak to May McNicol regarding the ordering of a wreath.

Carols at the Castle – Joan to ask if Glenborrodale Castle will be available for the carol service.

Peninsula Carols – 13th December in Strontian at 7pm.

Time to Remember Service - date to be decided.

Christmas Eve Service – to take place in the afternoon.

Property: Bridget to ask Steven White if he can do maintenance work on downpipes and on internal wall where damp.

Fiona to speak to Rosalind Taylor regarding A. Bradley.

Ella Gill has worked hard on finding information about the Heritage Lottery Fund. She has been contacting other Kirk Sessions who may have experience in applying for lottery funding. Since grant applications are difficult to complete it was suggested that we might ask Dale Meagan for help.

Feasibility Study – Fiona to contact Rosalind Taylor regarding her timescale for completion of the study and to ask if she will give the Session regular updates on progress,

The Property Convenor advised that all documentation should go to Presbytery before work starts on the building.


Summer tea and scones – It was agreed that the summer teas had been very successful both as a fundraising effort and as an opportunity for fellowship. It was decided that we might be able to make better use of space in the future. It was agreed that we should do teas and mince pies during advent.

Data Protection - We are to contact members and adherents to ask for permission to keep their names on our lists.

Elder Training – Elder training is to take place in November.

Moderator’s visit – The Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland is to visit the area on 24th – 29th September 2015. On 26th September the Grasping the Nettle Conference will take place in Fort William, On Sunday 27th September the Moderator will take the service at Arisaig at 7pm and on Monday 28th September he will visit the church in KIlchoan at 2.15pm.

The meeting closed with the Grace.

2015 - April 22nd - Kirk Session Minutes

Ardnamurchan Parish Church

Minutes of Kirk Session Meeting 22nd April 2015

Ardnamurchan Kirk Session met in the church on 22nd April 2015. The meeting was constituted with prayer by Rev Fiona Ogg.

In attendance:Rev Fiona Ogg, Bridget Cameron (Session Clerk), Val Phillipps, Richard Houston (Property Convenor), Joan Kelly (Treasurer), Will Kelly, Moira Fisher

Apologies:Eilidh Canning, Jim Angus, Hugh Cameron and Alan Macpherson

Minutes of the previous meeting:The minutes of the Kirk Session meetings of 7th and 15th March were approved.

Matters arising:

Piece for blog: Fiona has submitted a piece for the blog.

Litter pick:The litter pick was a success and the Kirk Session are grateful to the organisers for changing the time.

Coffee morning: The Sunday school coffee morning raised £355. Thanks go to all the people who helped.

Former manse:A thank-you card is to be sent to Lynne McLuckie for her donation of furniture for the former manse. Moira Fisher to do this.

Bridget was thanked for her work at the manse.


West wall: Andrew Bradley is coming back to fix this.

Roof: Steven White has put back the slates on the roof. We will need to get a copy of his liability sheet. Bridget to do this.

Insurance:The implications of not using the church over the winter to be checked out.


Joan Kelly was thanked for her work on the accounts.

The Treasurer gave us a monthly breakdown of expenditure and income, comparing 2015 and 2014.

Expenditure continues to exceed income.

Feasibility study:The study requires a conservation architect. It was agreed we should get a quote for the feasibility study and see if the General Trustees will pay for it. Rosalind Taylor to be asked for a quote, to include social aspects.

Go For It Fund: If it is necessary to use the Community Centre in the winter, an application can be made to the Go For It Fund.

Membership list: noted.

A membership review could be a winter project.

Visiting preachers: There will be visiting preachers for ten weeks this summer. Mary MacLauchlan will be here on 23rdAugust.


Stalls: Val to book stalls for the Regatta and Kilchoan Show.

Dates: Sunday 7th June – Sunday School presentations at Sanna Mission Hall 3pm. There will be a picnic afterwards.

12th June – Jane McNicol and Jamie Isaacson’s wedding.

28th June – peninsula picnic at Kingairloch.

8th July – beginning of teas and coffees in the church each Wednesday in July and August from 10.30 to 12 noon.

2nd August – Songs of Praise at Sanna Mission Hall.

8th August – peninsula churches stall at Strontian Show.

15th August – barbecue at the Wood School at Salen.

30th August – Harvest service at 2pm in the church, followed by afternoon tea.

28th September – visit from the Moderator of the General Assembly.

Date tbc – elders’ training will take place in the autumn.

DONM: 25th June in the church at 3.45pm

The meeting ended with the Grace.

Annual Accounts

Receipts and payments 2014

Sunday school accounts 2014

Trustees annual report 2014

2015 - March 15th - Ks Minutes

Ardnamurchan Parish Church

Minutes of Kirk Session meeting 15thMarch2015

Ardnamurchan Kirk Session met in the church on 15th March 2015. The meeting was constituted with prayer by Rev Fiona Ogg.

In attendance: - Rev Fiona Ogg, Bridget Cameron (Session Clerk), Jim Angus, Eilidh Canning, Val Phillipps, Moira Fisher, Joan Kelly (Treasurer), Richard Houston (Property Convenor) and High Cameron.

Apologies: - Alan Macpherson

The minutes of the Kirk Session meeting of 1st February 2015 were approved.

Matters Arising

Property Schedule: The annual check of the property schedule has been carried out. No electricity checks are needed at this stage.

West wall: The contractor has agreed to come back to complete remedial work on the west wall.

Storm damage: A claim form has been sent to the insurance company for damage to the roof. One estimate will be enough.

Publicity: Fiona has written a piece for the Kilchoan Blog.

Litter Pick: The annual litter pick has been timed for 12 noon on Easter Sunday so that the congregation can join in if they wish.

Sunday School Coffee Morning: The Coffee Morning will be held in Kilchoan Community Centre at 10.30am on Easter Monday.

Accounts: The yearly accounts were approved at the SAM. The treasurer has recovered the Gift Aid for 2014. VAT has also been reclaimed. The electricity bill is due shortly. The treasurer has switched to a more economical supplier.

The Session has been informed that insurance could be paid form the Fabric Fund and the Presbytery could be asked for financial help.

Property: - Because of the condition of the church building, it was decided to use the Community Centre for worship during the winter months. A member of the congregation had suggested that we use the former manse for worship. However, as work is being carried out there it would not be feasible. Richard Houston suggested that there might be an increase in the cost of insurance if the church is closed temporarily. The treasurer is to be asked to check the small print on the insurance document.

A feasibility study on the restoration of the church building is to be done. The heater at the back of the church is not working. Enquiries are to be make to see if it can be fixed.

Former manse / meeting rooms: Furniture for the former manse has been donated by Lynne McLuckie. At present the windows are bring painted and decorating is also being carried out in the sitting room.

Sanna Mission Hall: The roof was secured for the winter by Steven White who will carry out the necessary repairs in the summer. The materials required for the job have been sourced.

Attestation of Records: - The Baptismal Roll was attested. The Communion Roll was attested. The Property File was attested as being up-to-date and with evidence of insurance. Child legislation is fully complied with and was attested. Safeguarding arrangements for Ardnamurchan and Acharacle are being dealt with by Claudia Nicolson of Strontian, coordinator for the area.

Worship: - Val Phillipps has organised Women's World Day of Prayer for Ardnamurchan Church for many years. It was suggested that we might do something different next year. In the meantime, Val will order for next year and then a decision will be made.


Friday 27th March: Messy Church at KCC

Thursday 2nd April: Service at Kilchoan at 4pm

Sunday 5th April: Easter Service with formal Communion at 11am

Tuesday 6th April: Memorial Service for Ella MacDonald at 2.30pm

Monday 28th September: The Moderator of the Church of Scotland is to visit Ardnamurchan Parish Church in the afternoon.


There is to be a wedding at Ardnamurchan lighthouse on 18th April. Rev Fiona Ogg is to officiate.

It was suggested that the Harvest Service be held on 13th September either in the church or at KCC.

Fiona is to attend the meeting of West Ardnamurchan Development Company.

As Alan Macpherson is leaving the area we need a CD player for music. Eilidh has offered to supply us with one.

At the next meeting we will decide if we should have stalls at the Show and Regatta again.

DONM – April 22nd at 7pm.

The Meeting closed with the Grace.

2015 - March 7th - Ks Minutes

Ardnamurchan Parish Church

Minutes of Kirk Session meeting 7th March 2015

Ardnamurchan Kirk Session met in the church on 7th March 2015

In attendance: - Rev Fiona Ogg (Minister). Elders: - Bridget Cameron (Session Clerk), Jim Angus, Val Phillipps and Moira Fisher with Alan Macpherson and Hugh Cameron of the Property Committee.

Also present were Rev Donald MacCorkindale from the Presbytery Property Committee with Mike McGruer (Architectural Advisor) and Ken Gill and David Webber.

Apologies: - E Canning, W Kelly and J Kelly.

The meeting was constitutes with prayer by Rev Donald MacCorkindale who also chaired the meeting.

The meeting was called to discuss the future of the church building.

Introductions were made with members stating what they hoped for the future of the building. The Session hoped that the meeting with the Presbytery Property Committee would help to show the way forward.

Rev D. MacCorkindale suggested that the Session should consider what the next step should be. Alan Macpherson pointed out that we are an increasingly mature, small congregation and we are spending more on running costs than we bring in. Moira Fisher said we would need to fundraise as a means of covering running costs. Fundraising last summer was good and also successful in reaching out to the wider community. Ken Gill gave an outline of fundraising at Acharacle Church.

Property: - The tower needs to be repaired. If it were to be removed, permission from Historic Scotland would be required. Planning permission would also be needed. Cost of removal could be as much as restoring it. The estimate for making the church wind and watertight was in the region of £105,000. If it was decided to proceed with complete restoration, Mike McGruer estimated that the cost would be at least four or five times that amount, if not more.

Donald MacCorkindale suggested speaking to Historic Scotland. He also proposed that there might be some sort of visitor attraction in the church. Ken Gill suggested we speak to the General Trustees and use their expertise. He also suggested we ask the community to support us financially.

Fiona gave an account of the work done on the west wall, which is still damp. The builder will come back to try to rectify the problem.

Some options to consider as are follows: -

Presbytery will send a report and is willing to help.

Given the condition of the church building, it was suggested that we have safety notices for the benefit of visitors and the congregation.

The meeting closed with the Grace.

2015 - Feb 1st - Ks Minutes

Ardnamurchan Parish Church

Minutes of Kirk Session meeting 1st February 2015

Ardnamurchan Kirk Session met in the church on 1st February 2015. The meeting was constituted with prayer by Rev Fiona Ogg.

In attendance : - Rev Fiona Ogg, Bridget Cameron (Session Clerk), Jim Angus, Val Phillipps, Eilidh Canning, Moira Fisher, Richard Houston (Property Convenor), Hugh Cameron and Ella Gill ( Presbytery Clerk).

Apologies : - Alan Macpherson, Joan and Will Kelly.

Minutes : - The minutes of the Kirk Session meeting of 12th January 2015 were agreed.


Property – The phone number on the notice board has been changed. The plumbing has been checked.

Finance – The accounts were submitted by the treasurer.


The annual check of property schedule is due. Alan Macpherson is to be asked to attend to this. Bridget is to find an electrician for safety checks.

West wall

A. Bradley has checked the wall and is to be asked to complete remedial work as offered. The Kirk Session feels unable to make a contribution towards the cost of scaffolding.

General Trustees

Ella Gill (Presbytery Clerk) who had a meeting with the General Trustees told the Kirk Session that a conservation architect would be needed for accessing funds for restoration. If the Business Plan for restoration was approved the Trustees would probably be willing to pay for the architect's fees. VAT on the work could be reclaimed.


The General Trustees have contacted Presbytery regarding the situation with the church building. A meeting of the Property Committee and elders with a Presbytery working group is to be arranged. The meeting will be chaired by Rev Donald McCorkindale and will include architect Mike McGruer. It may also be possible to meet with others who have experience of similar projects to gain advice. Approval from Presbytery will be required for any future work. Presbytery is aware of the difficulties for the congregation regarding the church building and also how remote we are from alternative places of worship. However, there is a question mark over the future of the building with an eye to the next Presbytery Plan in two years and the changes that it may recommend within Presbytery.

Business Plan

The Business Plan will look at different options. Those might include continuing to repair and patch up, selling the building, using the Community Centre for worship, redeveloping the former manse site for a place of worship or complete restoration of the church building. Those involved in the Business Plan may include people from the wider community and Presbytery who have expertise in such matters. The plans for the future need to be sustainable. At present expenditure exceeds income. The Kirk Session is the decision making body.


It could be that the Go For It Fund could be approached to fund a feasibility study into some of the options e.g. moving to the Community Centre or building on the former manse site.


Once the Business Plan is completed funding could be sought from various sources. The General Trustees, the Baird Trust, Scotland's Churches Trust, the National Churches Trust and the Lottery Heritage Trust could be approached for funding. The local community could be approached for more regular funding as sustainability remains a major concern.


Ella Gill told the meeting that the paperwork for the Acharacle restoration took a year to organise before any work started on the building.


A piece written for the blog by Rev Fiona Ogg is to include the problem of financial sustainability over the long term.


Joan Kelly is to report damage to ridge tiles and roof from the storm of 10th January to the insurance company and ask for a claim form. The contractor may also need to repair more damage.


The accounts were approved by the Kirk Session and will be presented to the congregation at the Stated Annual Meeting on 15th March 2015.


The Easter service on 5th April at 11am will include Communion.


The Sunday School Coffee Morning will take place on Monday 6th April. As the annual litter pick can sometimes clash with the coffee morning or Easter Sunday worship, Rev Fiona is to contact Geoffrey Campbell to see if the events could be arranged to dovetail rather than conflict.


The Kirk Session will meet in the church on 15th March 2015 after the Stated Annual Meeting.

The meeting closed with the Grace.

2015 - Jan 13th - K S Minutes

Ardnamurchan Parish Church

Minutes of Kirk Session meeting 13th January 2015

Ardnamurchan Kirk Session met in Kilchoan Primary school on Thursday 11th January 2015. The meeting was constituted with prayer by Rev Fiona Ogg.

In attendance :- Rev Fiona Ogg, Elders - Bridget Cameron(Session Clerk), Jim Angus, Eilidh Canning and Moira Fisher. Alan Macpherson and Richard Houston( Property Committee).

Apologies :- Joan Kelly (Treasurer), Val Phillipps and Hugh Cameron

Richard Houston, the new property convenor, was welcomed to the meeting.

Minutes :- The minutes of the last meeting of 13th November were agreed.


Children and Families: -

Messy church needs more adult involvement. It was suggested that it could take place on a different day.

Advent calendars were given to Primary School children.

Pasada was shared around the children again.

Finance: -

Expenditure still exceeds income.

Advent Teas/coffees went well despite power cuts which meant one session had to be cancelled. As well as fundraising, the social aspect of this is much appreciated. It will be repeated in the future.

Easyfundraising has raised £10 in the past quarter year.

Stewardship letter – on going

Property: - Richard Houston is the new Property Convenor

Church Building

The handrail in the toilet has been checked and is fine.

Will Kelly has not heard from the General Trustees.

The new telephone numbers will soon be on the notice board.

West wall – see below

Former Manse/meeting rooms: -

Downpipes, guttering and windows need to be painted. A painter has been contacted.

Glass in the bathroom and bedroom needs to be replaced. Bridget is to organise this.

Some furniture needs to be replaced. Bedroom furniture is available from Lynne McLuckie. Eilidh is to look in recycling shed for chairs.

Deeds – on going

Worship: -

Carols at the Glenborrodale Castle had to be cancelled because of bad weather.

Time to Remember was shared by six people from Acharacle.

Breakfast in church went well with over a dozen for breakfast followed by 30 at worship.

Presbytery stall at Nevis Centre Christmas Fair was successful.


Introduction to the annual accounts was approved and will be sent to the treasurer.

There was no treasurer's report as the treasurer was unable to attend the meeting.


The property committee is to investigate the noisy plumbing in the church.

The discussion document was read and debated.

It was noted that, even if the church building was successfully restored, there is currently not enough income to cover the maintenance and running costs of the building along with the running costs of the ministry.

The general Trustees are to be asked if a conservation architect is really necessary given the reports that already exist with schedules of work already outlined.

They are also to be asked if it is possible to continue using the church building in the interim or are there any health and safety issues.

Based on discussion a consensus was reached that

Children and Families

Given the figures in the discussion document it was felt it was important that there be a continued role for the Sunday School, even when the children's parents do not attend church.

DONM Sunday 1st February 2015 in church after 2pm worship

The meeting closed with the Grace.