Good Friday Service

Good Friday Service at Acharacle in the Chalet at 5pm was quiet and reflective - we all light tea-lights and set them round a large candle which represented Jesus - this large candle was snuffed out but we each kept the light of hope burning.

The Chalet felt totally different being used for worship - usually it's the venue for coffees, teas and meetings but this was special.  I've resolved to make more use of this little venue for future services.


Wow - giant roll and bacon after lentil soup and then a sticky cake, or two!  Why not come along to the next time there is lunch in the Shielbridge Hall - first Monday of each month between 10.30am and 2pm.

Each time we hold this event there are folk there who come regularly - and extras!  There might be some from Mums and Toddlers, the local lunch club, visitors to the area or a passing tourist.  Always someone new to meet and chat with - or find a table on your own and just enjoy the food.

Today we enjoyed the warmth of the Hall and watched the hail, sleet and rain sweep past on gale force winds!

January - Jesus In The Temple

Here are some pictures of today's activities.  We were thinking about Jesus in the temple - the first picture is of the temple and some of the objects that might have been there, the second picture shows how children grow, the third if of prayer scrolls which had words or pictures of people most precious to the children, and the fourth of heart shaped boxes for tiny treasures as our heart is where we hold the most precious things to us.  Next Messy Church is the 23rd February

Christmas Messy Church

We had Christingles, Christmas tree making and decorating, paper-chains and made a H_U_G_E card to for Messy Church to give to Sunday Church.  There was glitter - there was glue - there was cutting out - there was sticking - there were mince pies, trifle and pan-haggarty (spelling?)!  And, or course, the Christmas story.  

Below are some photos of the activities and kids there.

Pasada - Nativity Journey

This Advent, Mary, Joseph, and their donkey, are being given overnight accommodation and hospitality by some of the children from Acharacle Primary School.  This photo shows Mary, Joseph, and the donkey, resting about 20 miles from Nazareth and with about 60 miles to go...

Many thanks to the Acharacle Knitting Group for their help with this venture.

Harvest Service And Lunch

Sunday's service went well, and the lunch was good too.  It was good to take the service 'on the road' and use the Shielbridge Hall.  Being there enables us to use the kitchen to serve up a wonderful soup and roll lunch.  There were stickies for after too.  During the service we though about how we all use resources and the impact of what we do.  We used the Christian Aid material as an example of how we can help others.  The example was of how our donations help the honey gatherers of India.  These photos show the the bees which we used as prayer cards, the stickies (a weakness of mine I'm afraid) and some of the church family enjoying lunch.  The final photo is the table set for our service, with local flowers and produce, honey for the good things in life and vinegar for the bad times, all set on Indian silk scarves.


We've had a number of weddings this year and here is a picture of one of them.  Joanne and Michael were married in August on a lovely sunny day.  Congratulations and every blessing to them!

Messy Church - Ruth

In September - Those who came were able to enjoy some craft activities and the story of Ruth - kind of harvest-ish.  Gleaning, handprints of loyalty, decorating Boaz's cloak - all messily enjoyed before the story.  Food and friendship too!  A good lunchtime was had by all.  

Face Lift

Acharacle church windows getting a 'paint-peel' before re-painting tomorrow! They are being blasted with baking soda which removes all the old paint and rust, right back to the original iron-work - it looks great with the black iron, which was meant to be wax coated originally. Will post again when the white paint is done.

Chalet Coffees Then Pastor Peter

A double whammy on this day - from 10.30am until noon there will be coffee and chat in the Chalet and then from 7.30pm Paster Peter and Willie Wyllie will be in the Chalet to give a talk about their work with the Blysthwood Trust - please do come and join us at either or both events.