2015 May 26th

Coffees and Teas in the Chalet

Twice a month teas and coffees are served in the Chalet next to the Church building. It's cosy in the Chalet, that's a good thing given the recent weather, and there is a warm welcome. There have been people come from as far away as Australia, but usually they are from the village with a few regular holiday visitors too. Below is a photo of some of the food on offer today. Why not check out the date of the next event on the diary on the home page and drop on? In June the coffees will be on the 9th and 23rd. Hope to see you there.


2015 May 25th - Messy Church

The Garden of Eden was a lovely place - lots of green lushness and so many different types of animals! Sadly, because of disobedience to God, Adam and Eve had to leave - but the good news is that God went with them.

Thirty of us made a huge collage with a bright side for the Garden and a dull side for outside the Garden. On the tree we had animals and birds, and on the floor a large ssssnake slithered along. After hearing the story, and giving thanks for creation and creativity and friends and food, we ate pasta bolognese and Eve's pudding with custard. Good fun for all ages!

One more Messy Church, on the 22nd June, before the summer break. Hope to see you soon.

Not all the animals made it as far as the collage - many wandered off to share the food at the table.

2015 April - Messy Church

Messy Church at Acharacle today - 26 of us, all ages, had fun with creation - then heard the story and shared a meal (stew and dumplings then apple and rhubarb crumble with custard, yummy!) before heading for home. The pictures are of a couple of collages of plants and then animals. a flicker book showing how the dark changed to light, colour and light into the darkness, volcanoes erupting (baking soda and vinegar with food colouring, amazing!) and pictures of ourselves to show some of the variety of people within CREATION!

2015 - Easter Nursery visit to church

Acharacle Nursery School visited the church this morning - Easter story then an egg hunt of cardboard eggs for the children to colour in back in class. Great chat and questions - including simple questions like, 'Who is God?' - try explaining that to a three year old! Your minister is now lying quietly recovering in a darkened room for a while.

Breakfast Gathering

The first pre-service Breakfast was held at the manse on Sunday 21st - sadly I was enjoying eating so much that I forgot to take any pictures of the cooked food...

Breakfast Gathering

2014 - Pasada

Pasada Holy Family- the Nativity sets at Acharacle and at Kilchoan are on their way round families of local children. At Acharacle there is a knitted set and at Kilchoan it's a little wooden set. Mary, Joseph and the donkey are staying a night or two with families as they head towards Christmas Eve when Jesus will join them. Here are a couple of photos from Acharacle school families.

Messy Church

Monday 24th November was the date of the most recent Messy Church. We thought about St Andrew; it was the last of a mini series started in the spring with Sts David, Patrick and George. There were boats to be made for Andre the fisherman and fish to find then make into mobiles. Hopscotch took us on a journey to some of the places associated with St Andrew. The children left full of their meal and with Advent Calendars ready for the season ahead.


A little flag!

Boats and fish.

Not forgetting the story before the meal.


On September 13th there was a special service to mark the end of the major repair works to the Church building. After the serve refreshments were enjoyed in the Shielbridge Hall.

The Church was full. It's an emotive subject, the care and maintenance of any Church building. The folk of Acharacle rallied round and their contributions, along with grants from charities, and lots of hard fundraising by the church family resulted in the roof, drainage and floor being repaired, the pews returned to position and walls being painted. Overall, it was a long slog but when you see the results it has been worthwhile.

You are most welcome to come, or return, to worship at any service - we hope to see you soon.

Celebration Cake, thanks Violet!

Musicians and congregation, or church family.

View out of the front door. It's lovely!

This was the state of the floor when the boards were lifted.

This is the floor today, complete with the pews back in place.

Working on the roof.

The result is stunning.

One old and one new door - a work in progress.

Was this a moat or new drains?

All done now and ready for you to worship with us.

Pentecost Lunch Party

Pentecost Bring and Share Lunch at Acharacle - a feast indeed - thanks to all who provided the food - and as one of my colleagues said - Happy Birthday Church!

Messy Church - March

Messy Church at Acharacle was fun - dragons, swords, staffs that sprouted leaves and branches - what was going on??

Thinking about Jesus telling his followers to go and make disciples of all - mission.
We had activities and story that related to two heroes of Christianity, the saints, Patrick and George. It was St Patrick's day earlier this month and will be St George's Day next month (but we'll be exploring Easter then) so we put the two together today. Last month we thought about St David and in November we'll think about St Andrew. Some of the people who were very influential in early Christianity in the UK.
Wonderful food too - leak and potato bake followed by bread and butter pudding with custard - food for those who need energy to fight evil...
Oh, and if you were wondering - Revelation has dragons, Psalms has a leviathan and there are nine mentions of a behemoth throughout the Old Testament.
Sorry there are no pictures but I just didn't have the chance!