2016 - June 13th - Acharacle Primary School Nursery

Birthday Cake


I regularly visit the nursery to tell Bible stories. When I arrived yesterday, the children were eating a warm and newly baked chocolate cake they'd make that morning for one little lad's birthday. Would I like a piece - it's chocolate! Why ask? Thank you to the nursery for such a wonderful delicious piece of cake - and a very happy birthday to the little lad.

2016 - May 23rd - Messy Church

Joseph was a dreamer - so at Messy Church we made dreamcatchers (because sometimes it's the only time we are quiet enough for God to talk to us, through out dreams!), colour wheels using chromatography and kitchen paper, colour wheels, family trees (because if we think families are complicated now we should know that it's nothing new...) and a major art work to create a colourful cloak out of a bland piece of material. And all capped off by a delicious meal of chicken, bacon and peppers in a white sauce then amazing multi-coloured jellies. Great to share with all who came - 34 sat down to eat!!! 34 in this small community is a great percentage!

To find out what happened to Joseph after he got to Israel ... come along next month, June 27th.

2016 - April 16th - Loch Shiel Spring Festival

On Saturday 16th of April the church building hosted one of the Loch Shiel Spring Festival concerts. The concert featured a solo cellist playing a variety of pieces including a few specially composed for UNICEF.

2016 April 25th - Messy Church

At Messy Church this month the story of Jacob continued. Having run away from brother Esau because Jacob stole Esau's inheritance and their father's blessing, Jacob had a strange dream in the desert before arriving at Uncle Laban's. There he fell in love with Rachel but was tricked into marrying Rachel's sister Leah before he could marry Rachel. Now he too knew how it felt to be cheated. Despite being worried about how Esau would react to his return, Jacob eventually decided to go home. He took his wives, children and all he possessed. He needn't have worried as time had mellowed them both and they were reconciled. God's brings people into good relationships if they give love a chance.

2016 - April 16th

On Saturday 16th April Acharacle Parish Church building hosted a cello concert, part of the amazing Loch Shiel Spring Festival. Here are some photos of the afternoon. Thank you to all who made this possible - especially to Jessie for the beautiful flowers! Photos soon!

‚Äč2015 Dec 28th - Messy Church Christmas Party

Below are photos of pass the parcel, the empty strings after eating hula-hoops without using hands, using chopsticks to move raisins to different bowls, some of the buffet of traditional foods e.g. sausage rolls, star biscuit decorating and a balloon race. Great fun was had by all.

Balloon Race and trying to get raisins from one bowl to another using chopsticks!

How difficult can it be to eat hula-hoops! Try eating them from the string without using your hands ...

Taking of food - traditional treats! Decorating star-shaped biscuits was fun - and very messy!

No party is complete without pass-the-parcel.

2015 Dec 21st - Nursery Visit To The Church

Acharacle Nursery School came into the church, experienced the Nativity story (they arranged the Holy Family in and around the stable and sand 'Away in a Manger'), then went into the Chalet where they drew pictures, sang 'Little Snow Flakes' in English and Gaelic, and had a juice while the adults drank tea or coffee and ate mince pies. A lovely morning. Looking forward to next year!

Messy Church 30th November - Journeying

The theme was journeying. Abraham and Sarah trusted God and journeyed from Haran to Canaan. The Wise men and Mary and Joseph would have prepared or started out on their journeys at this time of year. They all trusted in God and followed God's signs and messages.

Messy Church On Monday 28th September

This month's Messy Church will take place on Monday 28th at Shielbridge Hall after school. All are welcome - you don't have to be a child but a child must bring an adult. This month we will welcome the Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, the Right Rev Dr Angus Morrison and Mrs Morrison. The Morrisons will read the story of the Tower of Babal and the activities will be themed accordingly e.g. how high a tower can be built from cardboard boxes, well come and try it!


Primary School And Trees

At the moment, the class I help in at the local Primary School has a topic of 'trees'. I was invited to tell the story of Zacchaeus, man strongly disliked by the folks of his town but, who was invited by Jesus to come out of the tree and give Jesus dinner. After talking over a meal, attitudes changed and the real Zacchaeus came out of hiding - he was a generous and warm person not as life had made him, greedy and cold. Each autumn the trees shed their leaves ready to have fresh growth and a new start in the spring - Zacchaeus had shed his old lifestyle ready to have a fresh start too.

Here are photos of the make that we did - the tree, Zacchaeus emerging then lowering himself down to go off with Jesus. Great fun!