Messy Church - Moses the Secret Baby

There were twenty two folk at Messy Church today! We explored activities around the story of Moses early years. Here are some photos of the afternoon. Thanks to all who made it possible; especially to the kitchen team who keep us all going with juice and teas and a wonderful meal.

2016 Dec 19th - Messy Church Christmas Party

34 people of various ages came along to enjoy the Christmas Party! There were games and a story, prayer before a lovely meal of party food. Everyone had a great time and it was good to remember why Christmas happens - Jesus birthday! Here are some photos.

2016 - August 1st - Church Lunches

Thank you to all who contributed in any way to today's Monthly Lunch run by Acharacle Parish Church - those who donated money, those who made soups and cakes, those who cooked bacon for the rolls, those who came and chatted.
£167 was raised and that goes to ensuring ministry continues in the area. That means that there is no ministry charge for funerals, baptisms or weddings (a donation to the organist and to cover the running costs of the church but no charge for the services of the minister nor for pastoral support). Messy Church can continue to be resourced from funds and the weekly running costs of the building are met.
Thank you again - God bless.

2016 - July 24th - Baptism

Today we were privileged to baptise Caleb. Baptism is, in part, a public recognition that a child or person is part of the church family. By that is meant the group of people that profess faith in Jesus. (There is a long theological explanation of this. Email me if you would like more details.) Sometime the ceremony is referred to as a christening. Baptism came from an established practice that was also part of the life experience of Jesus. Christening is from the giving of Christian names to those who were baptised and received a new name in Christ - their previous pagan name being replaced with a Christian name.

Part of the ceremony is the minister being able to introduce the baby to those gathered; usually by walking around while carrying the baby. Here's a picture of Caleb with one of his God-mothers.


2016 - July 16th - Sit-down-garden Open Day

On Saturday 16th the Gills opened their special garden to visitors. The rain came too but didn't put off people from being taken on guided tours of the plot. So much in a relatively small space! Join the tour by browing these pictures. Thank you so much for a splendid afternoon

2016 - June 27th - Messy Church - Joseph in Egypt.

Messy Church was fun - lots of activities such as bowing corn, headdresses, flour men, hieroglyphs and something else. Chicken salad then syrup sponge with custard. Why? It's great getting all generations together to explore the stories of the Bible. These stories hold truths that the people held to be important. With the story of Joseph, as with so many stories, this is of how through the messes we make God works to bring good.

God is working through Messy Church. There are all ages there exploring the story and having fun - and it doesn't matter what is your church, or non-church, background. All are welcome; from the baby in arms to the lady who is over 90, the Free Church family and the Catholic one - all are welcome.

Thanks to those who provided and made the meal we shared - chicken with salad, syrup sponge pudding with custard.

Next time we'll be thinking about Moses in Egypt - that's at the end of September.

These are - making the flour balloon brothers of Joseph and their stage, Egyptian headdresses and the corn bobbing up and down.

2016 - June 26th - Peninsula Picnic

Last Sunday was the Peninsula Picnic. The Abernethy Trust at Kilmalieu hosted the Picnic, there was worship and the children were taken by the young leaders to activities. A great afternoon - thank you.


2016 - June 14th - Presbytery Moderator

Mrs Ella Gill, Session Clerk at Acharacle Parish Church was installed as the next Moderator of the Presbytery of Lochaber. Congratulations Ella - have a good year.

Photos below are of Mrs Gill, the elders, minister and previous Moderator.



2016 - June 13th - Acharacle Primary School Nursery

Birthday Cake


I regularly visit the nursery to tell Bible stories. When I arrived yesterday, the children were eating a warm and newly baked chocolate cake they'd make that morning for one little lad's birthday. Would I like a piece - it's chocolate! Why ask? Thank you to the nursery for such a wonderful delicious piece of cake - and a very happy birthday to the little lad.

2016 - May 23rd - Messy Church

Joseph was a dreamer - so at Messy Church we made dreamcatchers (because sometimes it's the only time we are quiet enough for God to talk to us, through out dreams!), colour wheels using chromatography and kitchen paper, colour wheels, family trees (because if we think families are complicated now we should know that it's nothing new...) and a major art work to create a colourful cloak out of a bland piece of material. And all capped off by a delicious meal of chicken, bacon and peppers in a white sauce then amazing multi-coloured jellies. Great to share with all who came - 34 sat down to eat!!! 34 in this small community is a great percentage!

To find out what happened to Joseph after he got to Israel ... come along next month, June 27th.