Stated Annual Meeting - March 15th

Stated Annual Meeting was attended by most of the regular congregation, plus a hairy adherent!  

Messy Church - November 25th

Today we thought about Advent, journeys and just had fun. Here are some photos and the explanation of what was happening.

Looking forward the coming of light in the dark - we made our own scratch pictures. A piece of card which we then coloured over in pencil before covering it with wax crayon. Scratch off the crayon and there you have the light under the dark.

Old Christmas cards upcycled to make new cards and invitations to the Christmas Party on 27th December.

Mary, Joseph and the donkey are about to start their journey to Bethlehem. We painted scallop shells as these are symbols of people on journeys, pilgrimages to be precise. Quite messy!

The scents of Advent and Christmas. Cloves stuck in patterns into oranges. Put the decorated orange into an airing cupboard or dry it in the oven and the scent will permeate your home over the whole festive period.

Christingles! Always good fun. The world, encircled by the blood of Christ, decorated with the fruits of the spirit and the light of Christ over all.

Pizza and chips followed by sticky toffee pudding and ice cream - yum!

2019 May 27th - Messy Church

Messy Church at Shielbridge Hall, Acharacle, today.

We were thinking about Abraham and Sarah, God's special friends, starters of a huge family, gazers at stars and how they travelled.  God is with us on the journey - are we with God?

Sarah and Abraham's family really can't be counted!

Hand prints were meant to be decorated to make cacti, we thought about our family trees and made star mobiles.

Hand print camels and cacti.

We separated milk into curds and whey then cut out stars from the curds.

Instead of travelling on camels, we now use airplanes - that gave us an excuse to make paper airplanes. (Mine went the furthest #secretlypleased.)

2019 March 25th - Messy Church - The Tall Tower.

The last Messy Church at Acharacle was at the end of last month and here are some photos of us exploring the story of the Tower of Babel.

The story of the Tower of Babel, of languages, is of people thinking themselves more important than God. It's humorous story of how God reminds people that they are not the most important beings - it's a story of humans building up and God bringing back down to earth!

This photo and the next one is of the hospitality we offer to all who come - scones or biscuits and juice, teas and coffees on arrival.
Using boxes to make towers, before knocking them down!
Thanks to Acharacle Primary School and to Mums and Tots for letting us borrow their equipment.
Home-made play dough bricks.
It started life as a tower and ended up as a totem ... hmmm ...
Skyscraper box tower
And skyscraper lego towers - this really was very high!

Messy Church Feb 25th

Many traditions and archaeology agree that many thousands of years ago there was a flood across the Mediterranean region.  The Bible tells of how one group of ancient people interpreted that event.

Those who believe in God, believe God was in the world and alongside people before, during and after the event.  

God is with us in the midst of terrible events.  That's a great promise!  God with us, always!

Below are some photos from Messy Church.  There are glasses with rain clouds (water, shaving foam and food colouring), plates with floating pictures (white board makers to draw pictures, let them dry then float them off the surface), a card game where you put the pairs into the ark, and play dough creatures.  We also made rainbow cup cakes - which were eaten before they could be photographed!

We ate tea of sausages and chips, followed by sponge and custard.  

When's the next Messy Church?  25th of March at 3.30pm in Shielbridge Hall.  Feel free, no matter your age, to come and join in exploring the Bible in a very different way.

2018 Dec 24th - Christmas Eve reflection

On Christmas Eve the church building was busy and lively for the evening celebration of Christmas.  How lovely to share the news of the birth of Jesus and the reason for the season.

There have been extra services throughout December and we hope, wherever you are, you have managed to join in remembering Jesus birth. 

What does 2019 bring - who knows but it has been lovely, and right, to enjoy the Christmas season remembering that God is the source of the love, joy, peace and hope that we share.

2018 Nov 11th Sunday

Remembrance at Acharacle - a beautiful rainbow at the end of worship. The Bible talks of rainbows being signs of God’s promise - God promises to be with his people even in the worst of times.

Team effort with Madge getting the church building ready for worship, Margaret ringing the bell, Graham playing the pipes, Ken reading, Ruaraidh receiving the offering, Maureen laying the wreath - apologies if I’ve missed anyone.

2018 October 29th - Messy Church

This was the story known as the Prodigal or Lost Son. We thought about how even in our darkest moments, when we are scared and worried, the light of God’s love for us will still shine on us. God loves us.

Here are some photos of the light of God’s love shining out of the dark of a pumpkin. Just for fun, we decorated gingerbread people with skeletons.

Next Messy Church November 26th.

Getting started.

How fantastic is the message above!

Skeletons, just for fun.

2018 Sept 30th - Harvest Thanksgiving

Two photos of the Harvest Thanksgiving. We gathered in UNICEF Jars of Grace and were very glad to do so. UNICEF is working hard in so many places around the world and it's the least we can do to help them a little. Donations of food were also gathered in and these will go to Lochaber Foodbank.

Thanks to those who set up the display in the church building and to those who made the food for the tea.

2018 Aug 27th - Monday

Messy Church

We were exploring the story of two sisters, Martha and Mary. One kept working hard all the time while the other sat and listened to Jesus. The hard working one didn't realise there were, and are, times to be busy and time to be still - God helps us know when to do each.

Our activities included baking, making placemats and napkin folding; we did a little mindfulness then heard the story (Luke 10:38-42), gave thanks and all helped set the table ready for the meal.