2014 - Annual Stated Meeting, April

Once a year there is a Stated Annual Meeting of each congregation; it's a quite like an AGM of a company.  At this meeting the minutes of the previous year's Meeting are approved - so here are the minutes of last year's Meeting.

At Acharacle, and within the church, the fourteenth of April 2013, which place, date and time the Stated Annual Meeting was convened and constituted with prayer by the Convener Rev Fiona Ogg.
  1. Sederunt, Apologies, Welcome
1.1Rev Fiona Ogg (minister), Marjory MacGillivray, Ken and Ella Gill (elders). 1.2Members of the congregation; Chris Millar Craig; Maris Buchanan, Sheila Paterson; and two visitors. 1.3Apologies from Maureen and David Webber, Margaret and Andrew Green
  1. Minutes of 25.3.12
The minutes of March 25th 2012 were accepted as a true record. Agreed
  1. Accounts
The accounts and budget were not available for this meeting although they had been attested by the Kirk Session. It was decided to make them available over the next few weeks and convene a short congregational meeting once members had seen them...
  1. Matters Arising
4.1 Bell: KG is to contact Ulrich Hoevelmann as the bell is still not working and a payment of £6000 has been made for this work. 4.2 The doors are to be painted this summer.

4.3 An estimate had been received for the ramp and handrail which was in excess of £1000. This was felt to be too expensive and the fabric committee will attend to this.

  1. Office bearers
Office bearers and all those who help in the work of the church were thanked for their continued support.
  1. Session report
The clerk reported; 6.1 Congregational statistics: The roll number at the end of 2012 was 40

There had been 6 weddings and 7 funerals and 0 baptisms

6.2 Summary of Kirk Session meetings

The congregation is reminded that these are open meetings and a copy of minutes is made available after the meeting for those who would like them. Presbytery reports are also available after meetings in the form of the Presbytery Précis and full minutes can be seen on the Presbytery website.

The main agenda items have been fundraising, restoration and maintenance and youth work all of which will be raised later:

Charitable collections: it was decide that from time to time there would be retiring collections for specific charities.

Fund raising and Bazaar: there has been a regular approach to fundraising with lunches taking place monthly and tea/coffee morning twice each month. This has proved successful and the decision of whether or not to hold a bazaar can be discussed.

Constitution: The process is underway to move to a Unitary constitution. At present we are a Quoad Omnia constitution where the Kirk Session is responsible for both Spiritual and financial matters of the church. The Unitary constitution reflects this but in a written form and so this is clearer and also complies with charitable regulations.

Less formal communion has taken place throughout the year on a monthly basis in addition to the more formal service

Communication: the website and Facebook page are proving popular and last month the times of church services for April were sent out to church members.

Mission Partners: Our Mission partners from Zambia, the Lund family are coming for a visit in September and a programme is being arranged for them by the mission group in Presbytery.

Date of SAM – this had been deferred until today due to a delay in preparing the accounts

  1. Property
Ken Gill reported on the work which had taken place in the last 12 months; 7.1 The chalet had been painted, the manse window surrounds had been painted, and a garage had been erected at the manse. For which the church received a £6000 grant from the General Trustees. 7.2 Internal windows; there are 2 left to restore.

7.3 The church now complies with Fire regulations and there is an agreement in place to have regular inspections.

  1. Youth work and outreach
8.1 Rev Fiona Ogg reported that Messy Church continues to be held on the last Saturday of every month. Attendance varies from 6 or 7 to 40. 8.2 Fiona goes into the primary school every fortnight and the nursery children have been to the chalet and the primary school children have been into the church. It is hoped that these visits will continue so that the children feel comfortable in the church. 8.3 Sunday School is not meeting at present as there is no one who is able to commit to taking this consistently during term time.

8.4 The craft group had knitted the nativity figures which had been taken to the children’s homes during advent and then back into the church for Christmas.

8.5 There have been some visiting preachers during 2012 as well as friends from the Bethesda charity talking about their work.

8.6 Fiona has been involved in assemblies in the Primary School and also the High School as well as attending Ewen’s Room meeting.

8.7 Pastoral visiting is continuing and Fiona asked to be told of anyone who was in need of a visit.

8.8 The monthly lunches held in Shielbridge Hall and fortnightly coffee mornings held in the chalet provide time for fellowship and outreach.

8.9 The annual picnic and carol service in conjunction with the other parishes on the peninsula facilitates engagement with the wider church.

  1. Bible Group
This continues to meet on Mondays in the chalet during term time.
  1. Safeguarding
The church is slightly further on with complying with the regulations. 10.1 There is a Safeguarding Panel in place which will serve both Ardnamurchan and Acharacle. 10.2 Coordinator training should take place this year.
  1. Adjournment
There being no further business the SAM was closed with saying The Grace

Minister Session Clerk