13th June 2012

Prize Givings

Off to third school prize giving within 7 days - what talent and achievements amongst the kids and teachers!  Small population - large achievements!First was Acharacle Primary School, then Ardnamurchan High School and today Kilchoan Primary School.  www.highland.gov.uk/learninghere/schools/schoollist/ardnamurchan/acharaclepr.htmwww.ardnamurchan.highland.sch.ukwww.highland.gov.uk/learninghere/schools/schoollist/ardnamurchan/kilchoanprimary.htmI'll try to get some photos of the schools.

24th June 2012

Peninsula Picnic

The weather stayed dry and so the cooking was done outside - hooray!  Games were played by the children, the adults chatted, we ate and then worshipped. People came from far and wide; from the peninsula and beyond, from Kilchoan to Fort William and various places between.  New friends were made and previous friendships rekindled.  It's hard to see each other regularly over when geography and the miles present challenges of such magnitude.  There was a mountain of food to be dealt with - and we did try hard!  I've made a note for next year that we need 'doggy'…

22nd June 2012

Sheep On The Road

This was why I was nearly late - well, ok, I was late but only a little, for the Lunch Club last week.   The Lunch Club is held weekly at the Kilchoan Community Centre and is specifically for the more elderly in the community - I hasten to add that I'm an 'honorary member'!  It is lovely to meet with the folk who go; to hear their histories and to share their present.  There is a depth of experience and joy in life that enrich all who take the time to be with the elderly. The sheep holdup was…