2018 March 4th

25 people came to the Spring Breakfast at Kilchoan this morning! That's about 10% of the local population! We were well looked after and enjoyed the full cooked breakfast. After that there was a craft activity, making daffodils, lego to play with and a (sort of) bingo session marking off various words included in the short reflection. (Spring Bingo = Springo!)

Acharacle worship in the afternoon which was followed by a short communion.
A good day.
Now for a few days off. Back at the end of the week.

2018 March 3rd

A day of preparations.

Tomorrow morning at Ardnamurchan Parish Church, Kilchoan, we'll be having a Spring Breakfast especially for families! Food to eat, a daffodil to make, lego to build, bingo to play, a song to sing (and more to have in the background), short refection on a Bible verse and a prayer.
In the afternoon, a traditional service of worship at Acharacle PC at 2pm when we will be thinking about Simon Peter and the time he denied knowing Christ, it happens to us all.

2018 Feb 28th, March 1st & 2nd.

On the 28th I was at Kilchoan all day. There was a Kirk Session meeting, a visit to a local business, then to the Primary School and finally a pastoral visit - plus the 2 hours driving. An intense day.

On the 1st of March I was at the manse all day, catching up on admin and planning - never feel like I get on top of this!
Then today, the 2nd, back to Kilchoan for worship at a service for the World Day of Prayer, brief stop at the Primary School to say 'bye and I hope all goes well' to one of the teachers before she finished there today (there are two part time teachers and this leaves vacancy, see link below), back to Acharacle to pop into the Primary School here and tie down a date to help in one class, then a short break at the Tea Room (excellent place!) for a cuppa and cake (yum!) and off to discuss cake with a local cake baker.
After all of this, tonight's G & T tastes very good indeed!
God bless.

2018 Feb 27th

Busy day! Clearing up the study after Messy Church, Acharacle teas and coffees, Acharacle Primary School skills club in the afternoon, (dog walk and made dinner), out to a meeting then back to the desk to finalise preparations for a Kilchoan day tomorrow.

2018 Feb 26th

An Acharacle day. Story telling at nursery then Messy Church - phew! Photos of lego boats to follow.

2018 Feb 25th

Two services of worship - Acharacle then Ardnamurchan, Kilchoan. Prep for Messy Church. Collapse in a sleepy heap on the settee.

What a beautiful day to be out and about -there really were no clouds in the sky all the way up and down the peninsula, not even a wisp! Beautiful just.

2018 Feb 24th

Day of sermon writing, interrupted by a sea-eagle doing a slow fly-past, prep for worship and some prep for Messy Church.

When I was training we were told that for each minute you speak during a sermon, it takes an hour of prep. It doesn't take that long now but it does need to trundle around my head for the week and then about 3 to 4 hours, or more to be written. It takes about 10 to 15 minutes to deliver and then start thinking about next week.

2018 Feb 23rd

A little bit of desk preparing for future events and then off to Fort William for various 'jobs' and then a curry with all the ministers in Presbytery, all 8 of us = 100% attendance!
It wasn't however, not such a successful trip as previous days. By the time I'd been to various charity shops to source a jigsaw for Messy Church, the bank was shut and it was too late to visit the care home as it was then their meal time. Sat in a coffee shop and worked until the curry.

2018 Feb 22nd

I took the mobile manse to Kilchoan as I was spending all day there. (Took one dog too!)

Lunch with one group of local people, then a little meeting, popped in on the craft group, walked and chatted (is that social or a pastoral encounter ... I never know), worked in the camper van then went to another meeting. Home after 10pm and only met one car during the hour's drive back to the manse.

2018 Feb 21st

At Kilchoan where I ate scones and drank tea. Once a month the congregation hold coffee mornings in the church building. Offering hospitality is core to service to the community and it's a joy to be able to sit and chat with folk. Donations are welcomed for the refreshments and the monies contribute towards the restoration fund.

A couple of visits then back to walk the dogs and tackle paperwork and preparation.