2018 February 2nd

The newsletters have been posted, tomorrow's induction service finalised, I took a funeral, travelled for two hours and now it's time to start on Sunday's order of service. And, because it's Friday,I have a glass of wine.

2018 February 1st

Two meeting, various pastoral visits and finalising the running order for tomorrow's funeral. The running order for Saturday's induction at Fort Augustus just needs a final check. And, the member's newsletters are just about ready to be posted tomorrow.

2018 Jan 31st

A desk day I think - worship to organise for Sunday, Saturday's induction to tidy up and go over, Friday's funeral to write, the past week of activities to clear off the desk so that there is room for those mentioned above. Then there is Presbytery Education Working Group business to attend to and worship to think of for the next Presbytery meeting.

2018 Jan 30th

Acharacle day - coffees, visits and primary school (teaching children knitting as part of their ongoing life-skills!). Meanwhile a funeral to organise and an induction service to continue working on.

2018 Jan 29th

Final preparations for Messy Church to be ready for this afternoon.
Happy Families - some baking - face painting - story - shepherd's pie then crumble - and I can't remember what else!
Do join us at Shielbridge Hall, Acharacle from 3.30-5.30pm.

2018 Jan 27th

After a day off yesterday, the minister has organised worship for the two congregations for tomorrow, and continued with preparation for Messy Church, a funeral and an induction.

This week there have, sadly, been two deaths in the area; in worship tomorrow, we will be giving thanks for their lives and praying for comfort for their family and friends.

2018 Jan 25th

Fort William this morning for a Presbytery Business meeting and then back down the road for the minister. Desk time this evening planning and preparing Sunday worship, Monday Messy Church activities, the induction of a minister and a funeral for next week.

2018 Jan 24th

The minister is part of a national committee that supports CofS military chaplains. The twice yearly meeting was this afternoon in Edinburgh. Very interesting indeed.
And during the morning the minister met one of those who are effectively the ‘civil service’ of the CofS and discussed issues of continued access to one of the church buildings and what uses could be made of neighbouring land.
Now in Fort William ready for a presbytery meeting the morning.

2018 Jan 23rd

This morning the minister was supporting the service of worship held at Strontian for the Week of Christian Unity. This afternoon's visit into Acharacle Primary School has been called of as the minister is full of a cold and has to be in Edinburgh tonight for a meeting tomorrow. Meanwhile, some desk time.

2017 Dec 6th

All ready to start the Time to Remember quiet worship, this year at Acharacle.

Those who were there lit tea lights for those people and places they were thinking about, and there were candles already lit for those who had died over the last while but whose families could not be with us.

We gave thought to those suffering depression, life changes they didn't ask for, for those who are ill and for so much more. We asked that the light of hope shine in the dark days of any in need.