Variable Weather

24th May 2013

We all talk of the weather.  Walking along the street how often do we pass someone we know and say something like, 'Nice weather today,' or perhaps, 'Wet again ...'  I do the same myself and today my comment would be, 'Sunny at last!'  There is a cold wind to go along with the sunshine and the thermometer peaked at 15 today.  

And that's all it is to most of us.  However, when talking to the farmers and crofts here you realise just how much more there is to the impact of weather.  Earlier in the year there was a prolonged spell of dry and cold which meant that the grass didn't grow.  Then suddenly the weather changed to very wet and still cold.  Lambs and calves were born at roughly the same time as the weather changed.  Those with live-stock were, understandably, very concerned about the animals, especially the new youngsters.  There was little or no grass and the new lambs and calves have suffered from cold and wet with the result that some have lost more animals that usual.  The framers and crofters are tired and worn out.

It's not all gloom though as most folk are very resilient and refuse to be downhearted.  I don't know how they do it.  What I do know is that they do find this inner resilience from somewhere and that I suspect they are sustained by something more than their own strength.  It's more than the supportive communities.  It's more than years of experience.  Whatever anyone else thinks I suspect it is a God given strength, recognised or not, and I thank Him for it.  May He go on blessing people with a strength to carry on through tough times and still be able to smile.