Sheep On The Road

22nd June 2012

This was why I was nearly late - well, ok, I was late but only a little, for the Lunch Club last week.  

The Lunch Club is held weekly at the Kilchoan Community Centre and is specifically for the more elderly in the community - I hasten to add that I'm an 'honorary member'!  It is lovely to meet with the folk who go; to hear their histories and to share their present.  There is a depth of experience and joy in life that enrich all who take the time to be with the elderly.

The sheep holdup was a little annoying, at first.  As we travelled along the road at the pace of the sheep and the dogs it was lovely to be able to take in the view and enjoy the sunshine.  There were many links that could have been made to passages in the Bible but I just enjoyed the moment and remembered that sometimes we are simply called to 'be'.