Peru blog - Thursday five weeks ago

Thursday - Lima to Iquitos

Met the other four going to the ship - two doctors, a dentist and a pharmacist. Flight to Iquitos where we were staying overnight.
There is a road that goes from Iquitos to Nauta, 80km away, but neither city / town has a road going anywhere else. Nauta is only accessible from this road or the river; Iquitos is only accessible by plane or river.

A Vine Trust guide met us and showed us round Iquitos.

Because of the developing rubber trade, in the early 1800s, the town grew from a small village to a substantial town. Seeds of rubber trees were taken to Malaysia and the trade transferred there leaving Iquitos, once again, a backwater on the Amazon. Now, it’s the main hub for those travelling on the river - supplies, small hospital, a small university and various other services.

So we would make the connections, we had two nights there.

The first photo is of the traffic in Lima near the airport, the second of the traffic near the airport in Iquitos, then the area round Iquitos and finally one of the houses that used to belong to a rubber baron and is now a cafe.