Peru blog - Saturday five weeks ago.

5am pick up for 6am departure to Nauta. The only road out of Iquitos is to Nauta, 80km away. The only road out of Nauta is to Iquitos. The bus was full of people and goods; once you were in, there was no way out. We were so highly packed in that, had there been an accident, we wouldn’t have moved. Health & Safety, what???

At Nauta we transferred onto a speed boat. Like the bus, we were highly packed and whizzed up the river to meet the Amazon Forth Hope just on the left on a bend in the river a few miles short of Requena. After over 5 hours of constant travel, the Forth Hope was a very welcome sight!

At lunch we met those who were leaving the boat after their ten days of work (one the sister of a lady with strong Kilchoan links - small world!). Then we met the Peruvian teams and crew, and settled in as we motored to Requena. We had been due to stay the previous night in Requena but, having seen the town, I’m glad we didn’t.

Speed boat from Nauta to the Forth Hope. There were 24 people and huge quantities of luggage and goods packed into and onto this speed boat.
The driver was very young and the electrics very old.
Entrance and exit ready for travel.
Requena - storm brewing.
Requena market - not for the squeamish.
Requena - shop mannequins - the male mannequins looked more odd!
Requena market - a pet armadillo.
Requena - river-side homes.
Requena - huge barges like this deliver goods and people all along the Amazon.
Sunset on the Ucayali tributary of the Amazon.