Peru blog - Friday five weeks ago

A ‘rest’ day to recover from any travel tiredness and to be ready for early departure tomorrow.

The Vine Trust guild and translator, Ernesto, took our group on a walk through Iquitos, stopping at Parroquial Nuestra Senora de Fatima church to climb the tower and see the panoramic view, and on to Belen market. The market was fascinating, smelly, busy, bustling, and full of unusual sights!

After that we rode in tuk-tuks to the port area and took a water taxi to Pilpintuwasi Butterfly and Wildlife Reserve. The animals there are rescued pets that outgrew their owner’s expectations - although how anyone could think a jaguar would make a good house pet is a challenging thought!

We had lunch on a floating restaurant, which was delicious and inexpensive.
Lunch was shaken down by a bus ride through Iquitos. There is a manatee sanctuary at the other end of town and, when we got back to shore, the guide commandeered a local bus to go to the reserve. The buses are mostly wood which has replaced the metal as the metal rusts away in the damp atmosphere - and made the ride interesting …. The manatee sanctuary was closed.

Somehow, we also visited a museum on a river boat that was full of exhibits from the rubber boom era.

After all this excitement we were ready for a rest and got back to the hotel for a short. We headed out for a snack dinner before an early night.

Above - Iquitos from the church tower
Belen market - plantain roasting
Belen market - turtle eggs
Belen market - roasted grubs
Belen Market - cat fish
Pilpintuwasi - Ukari monkeys
Pilpintuwasi - jaguar
Pilpintuwasi - blue morphu
Pilpintuwasi - blue morphu caterpillars
Pilpintuwasi - macaws escaping