Peru blog final entry

Peru blog - 
I realised I'd not ended the Peru blog!

For the last couple of days of the trip we motored back down the Ucayali to Iquitos. We'd been so far up-river that it really did take most of two days!

Was it worthwhile - oh yes! 

Being able to share the God given gifts and talents we all have is part of faith. We do this for others - we are hands-on people of faith. It's not all one way. We were blessed by the smiles and attitudes of those we served. The villages are warm and friendly people. Caring is sharing, as a friend says! 

It's not a duty or for self aggrandisement that those on the ship do this. The desire to help comes from something that connects each of us with each other. (Personally, and as you'd expect, I call that connection God.). The Vine Trust strap line is 'Connecting people to change lives.' So true - no-one comes back from these experiences unchanged.

Please, if you have enjoyed reading this and find yourself called to do more, do look at the Vine Trust website for more information. Thank you for reading to the end. God bless.