March 24th - Tuesday


I've heard people saying, 'I'm scared' and that started me thinking about the difference between being scared and afraid - was there a difference, and how to offer some words that might be of comfort. 

I’m scared too - but deep down I’m not afraid. How does that work - is that faith, dear God, I hope so!!!

All around are people who are scared. All around are reactions to this crisis. World-wide, governments are reacting and putting into place measures to take the pressure of health care services.

But ...

I’m not afraid because people and governments will eventually be able to plan for the future.  
I’m not afraid because around us within communities people are supporting and helping each other in ways not seen since the blitz (so I’m told).
I’m not afraid because in that support and help are seen the attitudes and responses of a loving and caring God that works alongside people each and every day of our lives.

I’m not afraid because when the very scared disciples had shut themselves into a room (self-isolating or social-distance, you chose!), Jesus appeared to them and said, 'Do not be afraid'. Perhaps he was quoting from an early prophet Isaiah, 'Do not be afraid for I am with you'

I’m not afraid because in the Bible, nearly 70 times, we are reassured by various people in various contexts giving and receiving a message from God that we should not be afraid!

I’m not afraid because I know that, somehow, long-term, we’ll get though this, because God is with us. 

God bless!