July 8th Monday - Brexit talk

How did it go yesterday - talking about Brexit? Actually, very well. I've paraphrased what happened.

Asked a few questions of the person who had suggested the topic, then the congregation - why that topic, what came to mind?

Answers included the nature of democracy, how to make informed decisions, an unwelcome event and the uncertainty and animosity generated by different points of view and the impact, break up, of relationships.

Started with looking back at reasons for European Union / EEC / etc. We may be living in uncertain times but we cannot think how it was between the two World Wars when one generation knew the toll another war would take in the next generation, their own children. Acknowledged the determination for an end to conflict.

We thought about some of these and related topics.

The nature of democracy being politics / government and how in Deuteronomy 17:18-19 those who are in authority are ultimately answerable to God. If leaders read foundational and core text of Ten Commandments (common to the major religious denominations) each day and used these as the basis for decision making, what a difference that would make to politics and points of view.

Breakup of relationships. Joshua 22:16 how sometimes conflict can be avoided through negotiation but sometimes it’s inevitable Acts 5:29. God can, however, work through each and good can come out of bad. Perhaps this is seen in the coming together into the EU / EEC / etc after the World Wars.

We thought about different points of view, different perspectives and of being inward and outward looking. How Moses in Ex 4:12-13 first looked inwards to relying on his own strengths and how he'd not have been much good to God but then relying on God made such a difference to the welfare of the Israelites; the greater good. Relying on God made the difference.
Responsibility. As voters, it was up to us to read and investigate before casting our votes. How many actually looked at the literature that came through the door? Perhaps we didn’t do enough ourselves? One member of the congregation reminded us that no one really knew what would happen next, either way!

Mentioned this country is one of the few to commit to giving Foreign Aid which, despite its occasional misuse, is used to try to build infra-structure elsewhere to lessen the desire for economic migration. Helping others to improve their lot is a Biblical imperative.
Finished with need to think with compassion. Whatever anyone thinks of PM’s strategy I, personally, had to have compassion on her: the toll on her personally was immense. There is a need to pray for leaders and that they have wisdom to find way forward.

Hymns picked by the musicians fitted really well and they were thanked. All from Church Hymnary 4
112 - God whose Almighty word
122 - Let all the world in every corner sing
154 - O Lord my God
63 - All people that on earth do dwell
153 - Great is Thy faithfulness

The next topics - Busy-ness and Artificial Intelligence. It's going to be interesting! Have you got one you'd like to suggest - let me know (I'll probably regret asking.).

If anyone would like to let me know their suggested hymns please do so!