Jan - Tuesday 21st

Yesterday was the start of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. At Acharacle Community Centre, there was a service to mark this; attending were people there from most of the local denominations (Christian faith groups). Bits and pieces of prep and admin.

Today a meeting at Kilchoan, a couple fo visits, an afternoon at a local social group and now back to the desk.

I go away in a couple of weeks and it's always busy preparing for the usual events that will happen before I go, preparing for the events immediately on return ( so that I am not swamped with prep as soon as I return! ), thinking about what might happen while I'm away and putting in place plans for those happenings, making sure the pastoral care support is there, pulpit supply is ok and ... I'm sure I've missed something!

Ma heid's spinning! (Yes, more than usual!)
God bless!