Jan 4th 2020 (!!) - Saturday

After the busyness of December, the first week of January usually quiet - thankfully!!

This week has been a chance to catch breath, clear up the study, sort out some paperwork and admin (there's always more of that than expected), a couple of pastoral visits, take the manse mutt for extra long walks and to do some reading.  It's been nice, and it's reminded me of the importance of actively taking a Sabbath, a rest time from busyness, to let the voice of the soul fight back, elbow it's way back, into balance with everything else.  It's almost like re-seeing the wood for the trees.  Taking a step back allows a regaining of a sense of perspective, or balance and, hopefully, seeing what is important and what's not. 

New Year is a marker in time that allows us all to step back and to try to work out what's important and to regain perspective.  May your soul elbow hard and make itself heard loud and strong.  That's your connection with the divine that is in us all.  May you hear that voice and remember that for a healthy, happy and fulfilling life (not just 2020) we all need to take care of ourselves, body, mind ... and soul!

Every blessing for 2020,

God bless.