Jan 28th - Tuesday

I'm typing this and looking out over snow. We don't get much as we are too close to the sea but it is beautiful when it happens - seize the day!

Over the last week there has been worship as usual, pastoral visiting, a meeting to start thinking about what will happen about securing a place for a sanctuary at Kilchoan, a meeting for presbytery, accounts cover reports to write, some work to do for the village hall (I'm a trustee because I'm minister, along with the postmaster and headmaster!) and final preparations for Messy Church yesterday.

Messy Church was cancelled due to the weather - shame but we'll do it at the end of March instead. At Messy Church we would have been thinking of a theme of persistence and looking at the story of a man who needed bread for a midnight visitor. (Photo of the dough ready to make bread at Messy Church, now rolls for us instead.).Want to know more ... 30th March at Shilebridge Hall at 3.30pm. (Shameless advertising!)

Now, I'm off to have a cuppa at Acharacle Morning Coffees in the chalet beside the church building, then I'm off to St Andrews to stay with friends before a meeting of the Committee on Chaplains to HM Forces. I must write more about this in another blog. Now, though, the aroma of fresh coffee and pancakes is enticing me away!

God bless!