Jan 13th Monday

Saturday was a desk day with lots of prep and planning.

During Sunday worship we thought about how Jesus is revealed through his baptism and how we relate to that. Of how God was already well pleased with Jesus and how God loves us as we are - that doesn't mean we can't become more kind, gentle, loving etc but that we are loved now - how wonderful is that to know! 

One other point to highlight is that however we understand the Spirit of God to have come to Jesus, at his baptism this was a visible sign to others what the Spirit was with Jesus. Baptism was a sign for others. What, for others, are the signs in our lives that God's Spirit is with those who trust and live with God in their lives?

Now It's Monday - and a storm is coming! I've made sure my phone and computer are all charged up. A storm can mean power cuts so it's best to be prepared (once a Girl Guide, always a GG!). Today has some interesting research in it - more later ....

Meanwhile - a picture, from the study window. of a storm brewing. (The blurry bits are bits of leaves blasted onto the window - I'm not going out if I don't have to!)