Jan 10th - Friday

Picking up from yesterday's blog...

On Wednesday I went to Fort William.  
There were more donations to be left at the Foodbank. For a small population, just over 800 people, there are a lot of donations - what a generous and giving community! At the end of March (I think), Alex will write with the total amount that has been donated over the last year - now, that'll be interesting.

For most of us, a trip to FW means going here, there and everywhere. So, a trip to the tip with the Christmas tree and a few bits and pieces, charity shop with some things to pass on, the chemist for supplies for the up-coming trip to Peru with the Vine Trust, and ... so on it went. 

Back to the manse via a few stops to drop off bits and pieces to go to other people instead of being stored on the floor of the study. If you would like to come for a chat about anything, as there is actually room for you to sit down, now is the time!

Yesterday, I was at Kilchoan for the Lunch Group Christmas Lunch. Very delicious it was too - thank you to the Community Centre ladies! Craft group was fun, lots of activity and chat. Dropped into one of the local businesses to wish them Happy New Year and then back to the manse. There are other businesses to be visited next time.

Today, we've had breakfast while, from the kitchen window, watching a white tailed sea eagle swooping and diving onto prey - stunning.

Desk now to prepare Sunday worship and for a couple of meetings soon. Below is one of the photos I took on the way back yesterday. It's a slightly different one to that on my own page. Ben Resipole on the right and Ben Nevis in the centre. Moon reflection on the bottom edge. Full moon, wolf moon.