December 4th - Tuesday

Off to Acharacle Nursery School this morning and told the story of Mary, Joseph and the donkey going on a long journey. The Nursery and their adults have been invited to Little Christmas in the Church Chalet on the 11th and then they'll find out what happened when Mary, Joseph and the donkey arrived in Bethlehem! Sneeky - eh?

Then down to Kilchoan to chat, drink tea and eat mince pies! Sometimes ministry is a hard job ... Anyway, there were a good number of for there enjoying the hospitality and friendship on offer. The mince pies were delicious. The next Mince Pie Morning will be on 18th Dec and consider yourself invited!

Back to the desk.

Planning the breakfast at the Kilchoan Hotel - what will we do this year - will there be bingo again and will I get it right this time? Christmas tree making is ready and a quiz or something similar. Perhaps a couple of carols too? The breakfast menu looks good! Please just let me know if you'll be there to join in the fun - that way, the Hotel will be better prepared for the catering.

God bless!