Dec 8th - Sunday morning, early-ish

When there's a lot on, it's difficult to sleep without waking regularly and wondering if all the jobs are done!

Today, there is Breakfast and Advent fun at Kilchoan, worship at Acharacle and the Peninsula Carols at Strontian this evening.

At previous Breakfasts we've had bingo in some format or another. This year we'll be giving it a miss: I struggle with Bingo! 

The first year, I got it completely wrong and everyone had the same words on their sheet - last year someone else did it and all was well. How hard can it be!!! I have played Bingo before, admittedly it was a long time ago, and it's easy to find on-line ... but, good grief, the 'simple' things are hard sometimes. (I suspect there's a sermon in there somewhere, I must make a note.)

Anyway, perhaps I'll see you later?
God bless!