Dec 28th - Saturday

Preparing for worship tomorrow. The season of Christmas has only begun and will last until the 6th of January - so we'll be having a Carol Fest and wearing, if we have any, Christmas jumpers!

It's not always easy to be happy and cheerful over this period, in particular. Today I visited, with a colleague, a bereaved family and we talked about their loved one. Beyond the biography of their birth and death, we remembered stories and what they were like. Laughter in the sadness, and thanks for a life well lived.

Please remember that if you are feeling down and would like to talk to someone, there are people ready and willing to listen - your minister included! In Scotland, the minister, as part of their remit / responsibility, has pastoral care of all in the parish - you don't even need to be a person of faith! How's that for care and concern?? Send a message or check out the contact details on the web page.

God bless!