Dec 20th - Friday

On Wednesday the congregation at Kilchoan held the last of their Mince Pie Mornings in the manse / meeting room.  The mince pies were delicious and the chat just kept going.

I'd taken the camper van and the manse mutt as I was to stay at Kilchoan until the primary school nativity and play in the evening.  There were pastoral visits to make, only half the folk I called on were in so the mutt and I had a walk on a beach (bit blowy out there!), I did some worship prep and had my dinner.

On Thursday I’d been invited to join the the primary school for their Christmas lunch, and very delicious it was too!   The children were on a high after their nativity and play, as well as Christmas!  

A pastoral visit and then, as I headed back to Acharacle, there were posters to put up advertising Christmas Carols at the pub and Christmas Eve services.  

Carols singing outside the Village Store and then back to the manse.  I took the evening off.