Dec 14th - Saturday

Friday's primary school assembly was fun - told the story of Christmas using Bob Holman's interactive version, which included wolves howling! 
The primary school is small so there may only be about 40 - 50 kids there but we all know each other and they're not afraid to ask questions. So they did! They asked loads abut the traditions of giving presents and where did Christmas trees fit in? You never know what questions children have but it's great interaction!

This morning I caught up with one of the office bearers. A few ideas were bounced around and we have a couple of ideas to follow up. And, this afternoon there was a pastoral visit in preparation for a funeral. 

Now I'm finishing preparing worship for tomorrow and then ...

... decorate the Christmas tree - yeah! It's got to be finished by tomorrow morning when the manse heathen and I host the congregation, at Acharacle, to breakfast before worship.

God bless!