Dec 13th - Friday

lovely venue and we enjoyed the evening - carols, teas, coffees, hot chocolate, cakes and lots of chat. Many thanks to the distillery staff ( Sophie ) for making us to very welcome. 

Thursday was a quiet day in that there were no events on! Desk time for admin and prep, and prep, and prep. I admit to a late night, watching election results coming in. There's a lot to reflect on in the results, but I do hope and pray that politicians now turn their attention to looking after the needs of the people they have been elected to look after.

This morning, I've been to the High School with the neighbouring minister ( we are both chaplains there ). In at the deep end, we had a conversation at assembly about religion and politics - of how Mary and Joseph were caught up in politics, had to have their child with no outside help, were on the run from the forces of evil, escaped a kind of genocide. And yet, God was able to work through it all and Jesus grew to be leader of a movement that focussed on justice and helping those in need. We then talked of how churches are still involved in working for those causes - of how local churches are this Christmas helping eg Lochaber Foodbank and Lochaber Hope. Church will always be involved in politics, with a small 'p'. We then wished the children a Happy Christmas.

I'm now off to be involved in an assembly at the local primary school. 

God bless!