Dec 11th - Wednesday

On Monday I was up at Spean Bridge for a meeting about a joint project with the neighbouring presbytery. About three hours on the road in total for a meeting of 2 1/2 hours, so it was worthwhile.

Yesterday started with another meeting. The neighbouring minister and myself are joint chaplains of the High School and we take assemblies each term - what do you do for an assembly just before Christmas that is on the day immediately after a General Election ... Well, we're going to mix the two and hope that it works! 

Pastoral visits after that and sitting in on Acharacle Community Council in the evening. Oh, don't tell anyone, but we went to the pub after that.

Today, I've done some baking for a carol service this evening and we hosted Acharacle nursery for Little Christmas. The nursery come into the church building where they hear the Christmas story, told with the help of lovely little wooden figures, and then they go into the chalet to draw and play for a little while. It's lovely. I'll add photos once I've taken a cake out of the oven - excuse me ...