02nd November 2014

It's been over two and a half years since I started as minister of these Parishes - and the same length of time since I became a minister. In that time there have been weddings and funerals but no Christenings until last Sunday and today. Just like the buses, nothing then two in quick succession. What a joy!

Two happy little baby girls, one at Acharacle and then one at Ardnamurchan. And there is another little girl to be christened in February. While preparing for these services I wondered what the difference is between baptism and christening. There was no definitive answer that I could see but I do realise that I've only scratched the surface of the subject and that I need to find out more. However, it seems like baptism is being washed clean of the past and a renewal in the strength of Christ which will take us into a different future. Christening, again seems to be associated with naming an individual. Many years ago then someone came to faith they were given a new name, a Christian name, which was different to the name their families had for them. 'Heathens' took on their Christian name. Now, the two ceremonies and words are, more or less, synonymous.

Whatever the exact definitions, and I'll endeavour to find out, it was a privilege to be involved in these two celebrations of families wanting to bring up the girls in the knowledge and understanding of Christ. Our prayer for the families is that they are able to fulfil that promise with the support of the congregations, now and in the future.

Marie and Ken at Acharacle with Clara then below that Catriona and Neil at Ardnamurchan with Mary.