Autumn Thought

19th September 2013

Have you been down the road to Kilchoan? No, it’s well worthwhile if you’re feeling adventurous! Before you get to the village (to visit the Community Centre for a cuppa after the journey), or even go beyond that to the edge of the world, known as the Ardnamurchan lighthouse (with it’s yummy little tearoom), the road twist and turns, goes up and down – and you never know who what’s round the next corner – a bit like life really but that’s not what I’d like to comment on now.

The journey is never the same twice; new views at each corner, perhaps a deer on the hillside here or a heron on the shore there. Maybe even a pine-martin crossing the road or a dolphin playing just offshore. The light sparkling on the sea, the blue sky above or, at night, the expanse of stars canopies the sky. The hills can seem to be carpeted in grass and bracken or textured by the light.

However, one day recently I drove along enveloped in low cloud and drizzle, which meant I could only see a few yards ahead and had to drive very slowly. And it was then that I realised I usually was so intent on the bigger picture that I’d missed seeing what was right there in-front and beside me as I drove. The bracken and the leaves were turning green to gold, the rowans were hung with bright red berries, cobwebs were draped with beads of moisture and rich peaty brown and bronze water cascaded and tumbled over the rocks.

So often the focus of attention and our concerns and worries are on the bigger things of life that we forget to look at what is right in-front of us and to stop and count these smaller God given blessings instead. Whatever you do, or wherever you are, this month, I do hope you have a moment of leisure to simply ‘stop and stare’.

Thanks to WH Davies poem “Leisure; for this thought.