30th Nov - Saturday

It's Saturday and I haven't written worship yet for tomorrow.

Monday was Messy Church. There were just under 30; they kept moving and I couldn't get an accurate head count. I don't think it's really quite the done thing to shout asking folks to stay still, not at Messy Church. The photos are below.

Tuesday to Friday I was out of parish. The idea was to have a couple of days pre-Christmas mini-retreat with a friend. It was lovely.

There was about one day of travel in total. My car was due in the garage for a recall - which was done and all was well until my car was bashed and now it needs a new bumper. The garage have been great in sorting this out and arranging a courtesy car for me. I saw family and did some shopping while away.

Today was the Rotary Christmas Festival at the Nevis Centre in Fort William. An early start to get the Messy Church activities set up. The children there seem glad to have something especially for them to do.

Beautiful day with gorgeous sunrise and sunset.

Now, let's get ready for worship!

First photo sunrise over L Shiel, second is sunset over L Linnhie on my way home and the third is the Presbytery stall at the Christmas Festival.