21st Nov - Thursday

A month ago I was on holiday - and that seems like a long way back!  Next week, I'm taking a couple of days off and away as that seems to be the only way to have a proper rest.  I love being a minister but sometimes it empties you out.  Next month will be busier.

What's been happening?

Aside from Sundays and the usual admin - a wedding, school and pastoral visits, Messy Church, coffee mornings, church lunches, session, presbytery, village hall, local development ad community council meetings, Remembrance and a special Time for Reflection.

Now it's planning for next month.  There is absolutely no guarantee that there will be time for ay reflection but I'll try to put up a rough diary of what's been happening.

Meantime, I'll off to Kilchoan later today, in the camper van and with the manse mutt.  I'll be taking the Posada (thanks to those who made the sheep!) and some Advent calendars into the Primary School so those items are ready for December.

God bless!