2019 March 24th - Sunday

The Bible reading today was the story of some friends lowering their disabled friend down to Jesus. So far so good.

We thought a bit about how far the group would have carried their friend, the kind of ground they'd have walked on, how hot it might have been, how on earth they'd have negotiated getting him up the steps to the roof (didn't go into the Health & Safety briefing) before then dismantling the roof to get him through!

As a practical way of understanding the task, at each service a volunteer lay on a blanket and was carried from the back of the worship space to the front. That was ok, but we were indoors, went only a short way and had no difficult terrain nor steps. That soon brought home to us how much that group of friends cared for their disabled friend!

Well done to the volunteers and those who carried them!

Here's a photo of the ceiling in a traditional Middle Eastern house. It shown how complex a construction the ceiling and roof would have been.