2019 March 23rd - Messy Church

Messy Church - On Monday coming Messy Church will be held at Acharacle Shielbridge Hall. It's for all ages, not only children as is often assumed. 

What is it?

Messy Church is all about…

Finding creative ways to explore the Christian message
enjoying celebratory worship. This is done by telling the stories of the Bible as stories! Instead of a sermon there are activities for all ages to help each other enjoy. There is a short prayer. Sometimes there is singing too (as this minister isn't a great singer and can't play a musical instrument, and no-one else is confident enough to take it on, singing doesn't often happen!). 

Although adults can come on their own but children must bring their own adult. We all chat and worship and eat together. Getting to know each other over shared activities has led to relationships and friendships that would otherwise not exist. It's lovely when eg an older person in the village who lives alone is spoken to and known by school age children.

So, who's coming on Monday at 3.30pm for fun, friendship and food - all because God inspires us to gather and enjoy God's love and care for us through each other!