2019 March 13th

A wee update on what's been keeping me occupied.

Last week there were church lunches at Acharacle, a chat about helping deliver some learning about loss and bereavement, an afternoon at Kilchoan Primary School, a Working Group meting about the restoration at Ardnamurchan Church building, pastoral and administrative work, a Community Development meeting at Kilchoan and one about ministry in the Western Grouping of Parishes in Lochaber, a presentation of certificates by the Ardnamurchan Trust to children in the Trust's area - and prep for worship on Sunday past and the Annual Stated meeting of Ardnamurchan Parish Church.

Meanwhile, there was ongoing drainage work at the manse. This is very necessary as the land behind the manse is sodden and floods, threatening to undermine the foundations of the building.

This week has been busy too. Prep for a family funeral which took place in Dundee yesterday (10 hours of travel for those who are interested - catching up on listening to podcasts!) and today getting ready for planning Messy Church and for Sunday coming's Spring Breakfast at Kilchoan.

It does seem, at times, to be all meetings but, as mentioned above, there has been pastoral work too. Last week, at one point while visiting, I ended up watching and chatting about James Martin's UK cooking programme - not a bad way to spend time with a parishioner.