2019 Jan 3rd - Amen

Happy New Year!

A new start, again, Amen!

Last Sunday the short talk focussed on the word ‘amen’. (Thanks to a colleague for the inspiration for this! And to the children who recently asked about amen.)

Why do we use the word ‘amen’?

Amen is a way of summing up the prayer that has just ended, let it be so, or, the end.

Mean - If the letters are moved around you get the word ‘mean’ - I mean all I’ve just said. Eg a prayer for peace can be an invitation for peace to come; if I mean this then what responsibility does this put on me to be part of the answer? If I mean what I say, what will I do about it? How has God equipped me to be of use in helping peace to come?

Name - it’s way of adding my name to the agreement known as the covenant. The Ten Commandments were a formalised agreement between God and God’s people detailing how the two parties, if you like, were to conduct their relationship. As someone who believes in God and is a follower of Christ, who lived out this relationship, then I have added my name to those who have signed up to this relationship - and I’m expected to take an active part on continuing this covenant.

A’ men - it’s a Scots way of being inclusive. The Bible is for all men ie all humanity for all time. The Bible, amongst other things, is a true record of the covenant mentioned above - of how the relationship between God and God’s people is worked out across the ages. It’s inclusive - ie no matter who are or what we are, God offers us the chance of being included in this wonderful covenant of hope, joy, peace and love.

Not a bad, partial, unpacking of the word ‘amen’!