2019 - August 14th

The pace is cranking up again! And school restarts in under a week!!!!

Both my car and the mobile manse have been serviced this week at the local garage - I haven't had the final bill yet but, as the garage is excellent, I'm sure it'll be ok.

This week, so far, there has been one pre-wedding chat, pastoral visiting, a meeting about a joint project with the neighbouring presbytery (over 100 miles round trip) and a visit to the local Men's Shed.

Men's Shed - how excellent is that! Great to see how it is set up, meet some of those involved and learn more about their purpose and their projects. Thank you, lovely people, for agreeing to build a Christmas tree stand for the village hall. 

I'm off to Kilchoan tomorrow, in the mobile manse (once I get it back from the garage), for another pre-wedding chat and for a meeting. 

If I can be of any help with faith matters, I'll be staying at Kilchoan and parking up opposite the church building. That sounds a bit serious but perhaps I should ask, 'How's your soul? Want to talk?' That's what your friendly local minister is for.

God bless.