2019 Aug 2nd - Friday

In some parts of the media there is currently reporting of Humanist's continuing attempts to cut back on teaching of religion in schools, and, indeed, of any mention of religion / God / faith in public.

I'd love to see
'Faith groups query Humanist attempts to restrict the teaching of knowledge that enables people to make their own decisions about faith.'
Not a snappy headline but one that would be good to see!

Everyone should be free to make their own mind up about the sort of faith they have - whether it is faith that there is God (however we can explain 'God), or whether it is faith that there is no such thing / being as 'God'.

Do Humanists not realise they too have faith - just not in God.

History has shown that imposing belief systems on others does not lead to abiding and meaningful faith - faith comes from acknowledging a relationship with that something that is so much bigger than we are - from which we find strength, compassion, values, etc and love. All combine into the great 'I am' that is God.

Humanists - give us a break and allow people of faith the same freedom of opinion you demand for yourselves.