2018 Dec 26th - Boxing Day

It's been a busy and rewarding few weeks - just Messy Church Christmas party tomorrow then thoughts turn to Sunday worship.  

On Christmas Day there was worship at Acharacle then family time.  It was lovely to slump into the settee and let others do the work (indulgent, I know) of preparing food and handing out presents.  I think I managed to change channels on the TV and that was about all - oh, and walk the dog.

Taking time to simply be with those you love is part of Christmas - it's part of our whole lives too.  God is with us all the time - how often do we stop and simply be with God?  I know I don't do this often enough but I'll continue to try to do so - time with God and time with family.

I wish you all a very Happy Christmas - and the blessing of being with God, and those you love, at all times.