2018 Aug 9th - Thursday

During school holiday periods some of the regular activities are put on hold - and I fully expect to catch up with visiting, clear the backlog of paperwork and organise future events and plans - it's always a triumph of hope over experience and this summer is no exception.

It's about ten days until school restarts and while I've made some progress there is so much more to be done than I'd hoped. That said, there really is much less of a backlog and there are quite a few ideas for the future buzzing around in my head - and I've visited a few people I'd hoped to see - so it's not all bad.

I trust God will honour the efforts I've made and give me the energy and guidance to prioritise and tackle the rest. It's not really my 'to-do' list but God's.

By this experience, I'm once again reminded that we will never come to the end of the 'to-do' list and it would be good to come to terms with that. Don't beat myself up for what I haven't done but rejoice that I've got this far.