Back into August - 15th Ella Gill, Reader

Reader celebration!

On the 15th of August there was a special service at Acharacle Parish Church to mark Ella Gill's achievement in becoming a Reader in the Church of Scotland. This has taken dedication, time, (on occasion!) patience, placements and study.

We look forward to working with Ella.The photo is of Rev Donald McCorkindale, Presbytery Clerk, Ella Gill and Rev Morag Muirhead, Presbytery Moderator.

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2018 Sept 12th - Wednesday

This week seems to be disappearing far too quickly! On Monday I was trying to catch up on various projects that were on hold when I was away last week, Tuesday was full and I was out and about including trying, and failing, to be at two meetings at the same time in the evening then today I've been preparing for a joint Kirk Session this evening. Each time one part of the meeting is organised another unravels - anyway, nearly there.

I've just seen that a friend has been accepted to start training as a candidate for ministry - fantastic! She'll be great. It's such good news to know that there is still interest in becoming a minister. It's not an easy process so she goes with prayers holding her before the Holy One. May she be enthused, supported, spiritually and mentally fed, and blessed by the whole process.

Now, back to writing the minutes from last evening's meeting.

2018 Sept 1st - Saturday

A planning meeting on Thursday morning and then off to Kilchoan Primary School in the afternoon to encourage the children to be involved in a project around Remembrance - more on that soon.

That evening we were at the neighbours for a curry - and to get to know their puppy a little better.

On Friday, my dog and I looked after the puppy for the day - great fun! Around the fun I was preparing for today's induction of a new minister to the Parish of North West Lochaber, which happens this afternoon. And getting ready for tomorrow's worship.

2018 Aug 29th - Wednesday

I was sorry to miss the last of the weekly Afternoon Scones at Kilchoan today and hope the afternoon was a success. The team have had a busy summer and will be glad of the rest. The next date for this is Wednesday 19th September. You can get it into your diary now!

Meanwhile, I was in Fort William. There are two nursing / care homes there and a hospital - and one person in each! Three visits and travel = five hours.
The hard part is realising it's easy for me as I have my own transport but using public transport it's a full day there and back. Not easy for the older generation if they want to visit friends or family. In fact, from Kilchoan to one of the homes it's impossible in a day! It would be good if there was enough flex in the system for people to be placed where they are accessible to friends and family.
Now I'm thinking it would be good in future to have a little network that could offer hospitality to anyone who needs to stay overnight - I'm off to send a couple of emails ...

2018 Aug 27th - Monday

Messy Church over and photos to follow. Good fun! Next Messy Church Sept 24th.

Now tidying up and getting ready for tomorrow's Morning Teas and Coffees in the Chalet next to the church building at Acharacle from 10.30am until noon. I'll be popping into Acharacle Primary School after that then starting on next weekend's sermons.

On Saturday there is the induction of Rev Stewart Goudie to North West Lochaber Parish Church and on Sunday worship.

No rest for the wicked - only wish I could remember what I did!

2018 Aug 25th - Saturday

Sermon done, short talk still to do. Lunch now, then walk the dog and get to grips with Messy Church. That's all today.

2018 Aug 24th - Friday

I've just come across a fabulous quote that I can use as part of a series of short talks while I'm away in October. It was one of those God-incidences that happen unexpectedly. Your minister is a thankful and happy person.

Silence is not the absence of the presence of God, but the secret place where we experience the presence of God like never before.
Paul Bane on Mindful Christianity Today

2018 Aug 22nd - Wednesday

Took a couple of days off and away this week, Monday and Tuesday, to do some family stuff - nice. But it does mean that now I'm back home and working again it feels like Monday - but it's Wednesday!!!

Sunday went well - there was communion at Ardnamurchan and an ordinary service of worship at Acharacle. It was a while since I'd been at Ardnamurchan and it was good to be back. At the end of each service, over the sound system, I put on Runrig's track, Every River, and explained how all the ways of my life lead back to God. Some people sat and carefully listened to the words before coming and saying how they hadn't realised the words could be used in this context. God can work through any medium - it's all God's creation!

Today (Wednesday, not Monday ...) it's been a catch up day before a day in Fort William tomorrow. It's all go! Have a good week folks and God bless!

Photo of afternoon tea with the family - sandwiches, cakes, scones and gallons of tea - nothing else to eat all day!

2018 Aug 17th - Thursday

Another week nearly over! And, mostly the last week went to plan.

Monday went soothly - Fort William for a working lunch and Kilchoan for a meeting, 124 miles and 4 hours in the car.
The Scottish Churches Parliamentary Office encourages congregations to meet their elected representatives and so, on Tuesday, the neighbouring minister and I had arranged a walk during which local congregations could meet and chat with the MP. At the end of the walk we had tea and cake - always welcome!
On Wednesday I'd made an appointment to meet the MSP who was doing local surgeries - I wanted to highlight the continuing difficulties small and remote communities face when accessing services.
It was interesting to meet both the MP and MSP on consecutive days.
It was on Wednesday that things went a little wrong. I'd hoped to visit Kilchoan in the afternoon, to support the Tea and Scone Afternoon. No wheels, as they say - literally in my case. Both vehicles needed new tyres and ended up in the garage at the same time! That meant no scones either!
All sorted now and mobile again. On Thursday I took the mobile manse and the dog off to Kilchoan. I had a meeting en-route and then today a blessing. After a night in the mobile manse, the dog and I are back home. She's exhausted and sleeping on the settee, ignoring her own bed.
Tomorrow, Saturday, I'd best get on with preparing Sunday's worship!

2018 Aug 12th - Sunday

I've been looking at the week ahead -

Monday, a working lunch in Fort William and a meeting at Kilchoan in the evening.
Tuesday teas and coffees at Acharacle in the morning then Meet Your MP at Strontian in the afternoon before an evening meeting.
Wednesday, the mobile manse goes into the garage for it's service and MOT while I meet the MSP to discuss access to health care in this remote area and in the evening there is a service to mark Ella Gill becoming a reader in the CofS - well done Ella!!
On Thursday there is a meeting to discuss some ideas for working with the schools while the car is getting it's service!
Friday and Saturday are clear at the moment and I'll be able to prepare worship for Sunday and gear up the new school term which means a busier time ahead.
Have a good week folks - God bless!