2018 July 16th - Monday

Yesterday (Sunday) afternoon there was a Songs of Praise type of service at the Mission Hall on Sanna Beach. It's always popular and the 21 people there enjoyed the afternoon - and why not, given that they were in old style cinema seats!

2018 July 12th - Thursday evening

This week is going far to quickly! Tuesday at Acharacle, Morning coffees and evening Community Council with various bits between, Wednesday desk, Afternoon Scones and the Feis (a week of teaching of Gaelic culture) Tutor's concert and today a Kilchoan day with two meetings and Lunch club then into a the Natural History Centre to sit and work (Sunday's worship is now under way) 6before heading home for more desk time.

Tomorrow - the big thing is planning for the Vine Trust trip to Peru in October. Saturday, finishing off Sunday worship. Don't forget the (local, ie not BBC) Songs of Praise at Sanna Mission Hall on Sunday afternoon at 3pm.

2018 July 9th - Monday morning

Got back from holiday on Friday late lunchtime. Since then it's been busy with a wedding rehearsal on Friday, the wedding on Saturday and worship yesterday before picking up my dog from kennels. Today I slept in, I'll have coffee with a friend now and then, after that breather, back to the desk.

2018 July 7th - Saturday

There's a wedding today at Acharacle!

The first wedding in the church building for a long time. There are not many weddings and fewer still in the building so it's a challenge to remember correct protocol. What is remembered is the joy wedding bring to one and all.

We wish the couple every blessing!

2016 July 5th - Friday

After five nights away having a little break (which was wonderful) the minister returned this morning and is ready for this afternoon's wedding rehearsal.
More soon.

2018 June 30th - Saturday

Up early (6.15 alarm, good grief) and off to a prayer breakfast in Fort William.

Delicious breakfast, thanks to the hospitality from the Free Church Fort William.
Thought provoking short presentation from Mary's Meals then time praying about a variety of topics.
Thank you to all who organised this.

Back at the manse now and finalising tomorrow's worship and the wedding a week today.

2018 June 28th - Thursday, part 2

The High School end-of-term assembly in the morning. Thankfully, my colleague had worked out what we would say and I just fitted in. Well done Donald!

In the afternoon, at the manse, there was a meeting between the Ardnamurchan Working Group and the Presbytery Support Group to update everyone about progress on the restoration of Ardnamurchan Parish Church. So much of what is happening right now is paperwork and information gathering before funding can be applied for. Well done to the Working Group and, especially, to the Project Manager / Funding Funder Dale, what a great job you are all doing!

In the evening I spent time at the desk carrying on with paperwork and preparation.

2018 June 28th - Thursday

It's Thursday! This week has been a blur.

At Acharacle on Monday morning I visited the nursery and talk the story of Joseph as a boy, the coloured coat, the jealousy of the brothers, the unfairness of having favourites, and the pictures afterwards were very colourful. On Monday afternoon there was Messy Church and we explored the Marvellous Picnic ie the feeding of 5,000. It was the last Messy Church for a couple of months and we hope everyone misses the event over the summer. Then in the evening was the Primary School Celebration of Success. The leavers tell of the highlights of their time at Primary School, those who have achieved various awards are presented with them and there are musical interludes.

On Tuesday morning I was back in school telling and leading a little craft activity of the story of a woman searching for a lost coin and rejoicing when she found it; how that is like God rejoicing when we turn back to our faith in the Holy One. I always preface these sessions with, 'this is what Christians believe', and the stories there. Knowing the stories and reasons behind the stories, like the moral in other stories, helps children, as they grow up, make informed choices about their own faith. That afternoon I was in Kilchoan at the church building help with the tech ready for their Primary School's Celebration of Success.

And yesterday, Wednesday, was back to Kilchoan for their actual Celebration of success again with presentations and cultural interludes. One of the teachers was retiring so there were presentations to her too - she'll be missed.

In the background there are a couple of pastoral issues going on, preparation of a wedding and two services of Sunday worship. Both the vehicles I have, the car and the mobile manse (camper van) have been in the garage and I've had a friend staying for a couple of nights. No wonder it's been a blur!

Ministry is never dull or boring!

2018 June 24th - Sunday

The annual Peninsula Picnic at Kingairloch. The picnic was splendid, the worship thought-provoking and we couldn't have had better weather! The sun was warm and the breeze light but also enough to keep away the midges - beautiful.

2018 June 22nd - Friday

Acharacle Kirk Session met for the final time before a summer break. Various items were discussed and decided upon and the minutes will be added to the website (the minutes page, now I think of it, needs to be updated ...). We had lunch together afterwards.

It's good to be able to spend time together socially as well as formally. Jesus spent leisure time and had meals with the disciples. Building networks, friendships, fellowship, all matter and make community. It's good stuff this, following the example of Jesus!