2018 March 23rd

Off to Kilchoan again, to eat again! The Primary School held a Daffodil Tea in aid of Marie Curie and raised over £300! For eleven children that's fantastic!

Took down the camper van that acts as a mobile manse. It's always great fun! Dogs were with me and they settled down after a walk while I worked. It's good to get the 'van known more and to have it as a base.
Again, desk this evening.

2018 March 22nd

Acharacle to begin with and Little Easter. The nursery children, parents and teachers come into the church building and hear the real story of Easter. The children draw pictures and everyone usually has juice / a cuppa and a biscuit. This year, the Easter egg hunt was next so off they all went.

Kilchoan next to eat with the Lunch Group then join in the Craft Group. Always good to catch up with all involved.
An evening at the desk to get ready for the busy period ahead.

2018 March 21st

Off to Kilchoan to eat scones and drink teas and coffees at the coffee morning in the church building. Great chat and the question must be, how is this work? Listening to the stories of people's lives and hearing their experiences makes it easier to build relationships that off support when times are tough. The better you know people the better support that can be given.

Back to Acharacle for the afternoon to talk about Easter and make an Easter craft with one of the classes in the Primary School. The classes are mixed ages so the way stories are told has to be accessible to children from P1-3, a challenge.

In the evening there was an event at the High School to thank those who are partners with the school and to watch and listen to a presentation about the work of the partners. My neighbouring colleague and I are involved in assemblies and general pastoral support.

2018 March 20th

Tuesday morning was making sure the chalet next to the church building at Acharacle was ready to host those coming from a neighbouring parish for their Away Day. All went well. On Tuesday afternoon there was skills club at the local Primary School and again I was involved in teaching knitting. Times like these are great to get to know the children better. In the evening there was time to start getting control over the paperwork on the desk - fail!

2018 March 19th - Messy Church with an Easter theme.

Monday morning - Acharacle Nursery in the morning to story tell. The weather was so beautiful there was no story telling but I was outside catching up with the teachers while we watched the children. It wasn't quite warm enough to sit outside and story tell (it's been done very occasionally) and far to nice to be indoors. Stories another day.

Monday afternoon - Acharacle Messy Church where we explored, naturally, the Easter theme. Painting eggs, Hama / Ikea bead crosses, making edible soil, tomb biscuits and scratch card cross bookmarks along with story telling and a meal together. The children went away with Real Easter eggs and pieces of cake.

People of all ages come to Messy Church and we were delighted that Mona, the lady who celebrated her 100th birthday yesterday, was there as usual. She gave us all cake and we sang Happy Birthday to her in English, Gaelic and French as the children decreed we should.

Pictures are on the Acharacle news page.

2018 March 18th

See the home page for this.

2018 March 16th

Acharacle Kirk Session (meeting of elders) in the morning, cuppa with a friend in the afternoon and getting on with preparations for tomorrow's Celebration of Birthdays!

2018 March 15th

Fort William for a couple of meeting and not back in parish until about 2.30pm. Desk and preparation now.

2018 March 14th

A couple of pastoral visits, and then being a classroom assistant at Kilchoan Primary School. Desk in the evening. There is a busy spell coming up with a meeting in Fort William Thursday morning, Acharacle Kirk Session on Friday, a special service on Sunday to celebrate lots of birthdays, Messy Church on Monday at Acharacle, and I haven't dared to look beyond that!

2018 March 13th

Completed some annual paperwork ready for Kirk Session on Friday, joined the (twice monthly) Coffee Morning in the chalet at Acharacle, helped with the skills afternoon at Acharacle Primary School, then had only a short time more at the desk before going out in the evening.

The evening event was a talk at the Ardnamurchan Winter Group by Dr Maris Buchanan about the volunteering work she has been involved with in Tanzania and in Peru for the Vine Trust. Very interesting indeed.